Father Reportedly Throws 4-Week-Old Infant Daughter Across Room And Breaks Her Ribs During Argument With GF Over Who Would Wash Dishes

February 12, 2018 7:23 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

A Muncie, Indiana father was taken into custody after throwing his four-week-old daughter, resulting in the newborn suffering multiple broken ribs, during a silly argument with his girlfriend over who was going to wash the dishes.

The infant was taken to the IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital to be treated for her injuries. Physicians told authorities that the month-old baby girl was "suffering from several recent rib fractures."

The baby girl's father, Saleh Omer Ahmed, 35, was arrested early Monday morning. 

Ahmed's preliminary charges included battery on a person less than 14 years old resulting in serious bodily injury, neglect of a dependent, domestic battery and obstruction of justice.

The Department of Child Services officials received a report on Sunday, which stated that the newborn had been injured in a domestic violence situation.

Ahmed’s 22-year-old girlfriend spoke to authorities about the violent incident. She revealed they were arguing over who was going to do the dishes when her boyfriend flew into a rage. 

She claimed Ahmed became angry and "threw our daughter that is only four weeks old in our bedroom out of anger."

Ahmed's girlfriend also accused him of assaulting her. She claimed that he drug her across the floor by her hair, shoved her, pinned her up against a wall, and threw his flip flops at her while she was holding their baby girl. 

The woman also claimed that her boyfriend threw a flat-screen TV in close proximity to their newborn daughter.

Ahmed's girlfriend told investigators that he threw their newborn daughter on a bed out of anger, but the baby bounced off a pillow and flipped over and fell. 

Ahmed was questioned by police on Sunday and he initially claimed he wasn't even home on Saturday night. He stated that he was visiting his other children.

The man then switched up his story and told authorities that he went out for drinks at a local bar that night. He claimed that he went home later, but was in his room and couldn't recall having any arguments with his girlfriend.

His story certainly didn't add up and he was taken into custody. Ahmed was being held in the Delaware County jail as of Monday under a $35,000 bond. 

He was previously arrested in 2015 for driving while he was intoxicated. The case against him was later dismissed after he attended a rehabilitation program.

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