Tasting and Laughing, No Problem - Successful California Wineries From Black Partnerships

October 04, 2016 10:18 AM

Kim Lee Baker

Lifestyle Writer

Tasting and Laughing, No Problem - Successful California Wineries From Black Partnerships

Remember when #LaughingWhileBlack happened? You know, when the group of fun-making, book clubbing girlfriends took a wine train and were booted off the train for … come on, laughing too loud?

Some great options for the ladies, and other lovers of wine are these vineyards in Cali. Yes, beautiful acres, interesting histories and brands to awaken your wine spirit. California luh-uhv! 

The Brown Estate
Napa Valley, California

In the 80’s, Coral, David and Deneen Brown’s parents, planted vineyards in the hills of the Napa Valley. In 1995, the sibling team started their own label—The Brown Estate produces wines including Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Sirah.  Membership indeed has privileges with The Browns. The Estate also lists 3 delivery, membership options:
⁃California Club: (requires CA ship-to address) 2 bottles monthly Jan - Oct + 1 magnum each Nov & Dec
⁃Library Club: One Mixed Case in March & October, 2 Magnums + 4 Standards in December
⁃Estate Club: 4 bottles in spring, summer & fall + 2 magnums in winter 

Truvée Wines
San Francisco, California

Sisters Andrea and Robin McBride give use a label focused on “elegant, finely balanced wines that are not heavy handed and express distinct individuality.” Truvée’s selection is a crisp finish Chardonnay, a dry Rosé and a “decadent” Red-blend. The McBride Sister’s story tells like a best selling novel, having grown up separately, not knowing the other existed until 1994. 

Theopolis Vineyards
Yorkville, California

Located in the very prestigious Anderson Valley (Yorkville Highlands), Theodora Lee invites us to her award-winning Theopolis Vineyards. The 5-acre wine destination produces Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir and Symphony (cross of Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris). Bay Area broadcast legend Leslie Stoval has joined Ms. Lee as Director of Marketing and Media Relations.

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