October 13, 2016 11:53 AM

Alicea James

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The sexy and petite songstress mesmerized both men and women with her angelic voice and raunchy dance moves. The multi-talented Mya Marie Harrison is a dancer, producer, singer and actress and after spewing out several hits in the 90s such as The Best of Me, Case of the Ex and Lady Marmalade it was obvious that she was poised for greatness. After a commercially successful US album in 1998, she released another album in 2002 and even won a Grammy award that year; she would go on to sell over 7 million records worldwide. However, a while she seems to have faded into obscurity. 

Although you might not see Mya’s gorgeous face popping up on your TV screens every day, she is still hard at work.  In 2009, she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, where she placed second, and she even dropped an EP in 2014.

Recently, Mya blew up on social media when photos were released of her performing in a strip club; the singer was unapologetic about it and took the criticisms in good stride. Either way, Mya is still singing, dancing and performing and you can even follow her on social media if you want updates on her life. 

The Grammy award- winner, born Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas came on the scene as the princess of R&B and her career took off at lightning speed.  The beautiful and talented singer along with her Murder Inc. family, which also included Ja Rule, churned out multiple hit songs, many of which would become classics. Her debut album in 2002 earned her three Grammy nominations and became triple platinum.

After releasing more albums in the early 2000s Ashanti took a break and released her fourth album in 2008 but it was not very successful —barely selling two hundred thousand copies. In 2013, she released another album titled Braveheart but it wasn’t very successful either. Today we certainly don’t see the songstress topping the charts — many blame the downward spiral of her singing career to her affiliation with Murder Inc.  However, Ashanti has had some notable acting roles and seems to be focusing much of her attention on that. Who knows the singer might even one day reclaim her crown as the princess of R& B.  

Charlie Baltimore
We were beyond obsessed with this feisty redhead in the 90s, she could spit bars like crazy and we loved her sexy outfits and badass attitude.  Charlie popped up in quite a few videos for Ja Rule and Ashanti, as was the only female rapper in the Murder Inc. family; however, we never really saw any hit singles from her. She did release a few tracks in 2003 but no album followed and after that she pretty much vanished from mind and sight. 

Charlie reportedly left Murder Inc. even before their downfall, but seemed to have focused on ventures outside of music since then. Lately she popped up on social media and tweeted that she was working on a new album. Charlie has also passed down her talent to her daughter India Lane who is also pursuing a singing career, so maybe we’ll get a duet from the mother/daughter duo. 

You may or may not have heard the name Tweet, but if you were as addicted to 106 &Park as I was back in the day you must have heard her hit song, Oops. The beautiful singer with the sultry voice was Missy Elliot’s protégé and it was quite clear that she could sing her ass off, unfortunately, she came on the scene during the same time as Ashanti and people began to pit the two against each other; ultimately, Ashanti came out on top. 

The singer, songwriter and guitarist only had one major hit in the US; Oops (Oh My) which topped the pop and R& B charts in 2002.  Her debut album, Hummingbird was even at number 3 on the Billboard 200 charts. However her other albums were not very successful and she bounced from label to label, the sort of faded into obscurity.  However, if you have missed this talented singer you’ll be happy to know that she is making music once again. You can follow her on instagram for updates about her new music and other ventures. 

Tierra Marie
At the very young age of 16 Tierra Marie was already poised for success after JAY Z signed her to Def Jam records. We became familiar with the petite singer after her first single; ‘Make her feel Good’ was released. The song and video was heavily played on BET and peaked at number 9 on the R&B charts, and her second single ‘No Daddy’ spent 16 weeks on MTVs popular music countdown program, Total Request Live ( TRL).  

The release of her first album led to disappointing sales and while in the middle of producing her second album she was dropped from her record label. Despite being extremely talented, Tierra’s music career has been overshadowed by a string of legal troubles, and alot bit of bad press — to say the least. She currently stars on Love and Hip Hop—a venture that hasn’t helped her music career, but instead seems to display her bad behaviour more than anything else. Time will tell if this talented singer can make a comeback. 

Who could possibly forget the blond haired, badass chick from Ruff Riders? Her gorgeous face and sexy yet boyish style resonated with fans all over the world. Eve churned out hit after hit in the 90s including ‘Love is Blind’ and was featured on Missy Elliott's "Hot Boyz’ Remix which reached number 5 on the billboard 100 charts. But it was her 2001 single, ‘Who’s That Girl’ that really gained her international success, followed by ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ with Gwen Stephanie— the song even won them a Grammy. 

The singer released a string of successful albums then went on to a successful acting career, world making appearances in quite a few hit movies such as the Barbershop franchise; she even had her own sitcom om UPN in 2003. 
Since marrying to her millionaire husband, Maximillian Cooper she now splits her time between London and the US. Eve and her husband are very much a part of the social scene, popping up on red carpet premiers, and they host a popular yearly car-racing event known as gumball 3000.

This entertainer made no apologies for her raunchy song titled ‘My Neck, My Back’ also known as the ‘Lick It’ song, which was released in 2002, and became an instant hit. It even reached number 5 on the UK charts. Unfortunately, when Khia released more music they didn’t have the same appeal; and ‘My Neck, My Back’ would become her only successful venture on the music charts.
Khia released albums in 2006, 2008 and 2012 but the world did not take much notice. She was in the headlines at one point after being arrested on misdemeanour charges; which wasn’t her first bout with the law, she has 20 mugshots.   Recently the outspoken rapper was all over social media after she criticised Beyoncé’s, visual album, Lemonade calling it ‘tired’ and saying that Beyoncé made black people look bad, she was quoted as saying, “Bi*ch, you waking around with this blonde long ass hair but you want African queens and kings in your video.”  Only time will tell if this brash outspoken rapper can make a comeback. 

If BET wasn’t an obsession for you in the 90s then you might not remember Shawna, as her career was short-lived, to say the least.  We first got a glimpse of the talented female rapper in Ludacris’ hit song, ‘What’s Your Fantasy,’ her raunchy lyrics and sexy outfits made us do a double turn.  

The Chicago native, whose real name is Rashawnna Guy was signed to Def Jam South, and collaborated with notable artist such as Diddy, Twist and T-pain. Unfortunately, she never really saw much international success on her own, although she did sign with T-Pain’s record label and even released an album in 2009. In 2011 she released a single which got little to no air play. Her social media sites indicate that she currently lives in Dubai and seems to be focusing all her efforts on her, Professional Development Company called, Success Junkie. 

Da Brat
This Chicago rapper, whose real name is Shawntae Harris began her rap career in the 90s and made history soon after. Her first record in 1994, didn’t just earn her two Grammy nominations but also sold one million copies; it made her the first female solo rap act to receive a platinum certification, and the second overall female rap act ( the first being Salt N Pepa). During her career she won two billboard awards and a Soul Train Award. 

In 2002 everything halted; Da Brat had her first major run-in with the law and it was downhill from there. In 2007 after another incident, she was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 7 years’ probation. After her release, she never seemed to get her music career back on track but she is involved in other ventures.  Da Brat is one of the hosts on the popular radio program, Dish Nation, and even scored a role on the hottest black show on TV right now, Empire.  

If you don’t know who Sade is, then I seriously feel sorry for you. The stunning, Nigerian born singer started her illustrious career in the 80s and released her first album, which sold over 6 million copies. The album became one of the top-selling debut recordings of the 80s, and Sade and her band would go on to release a range of multi-platinum albums —selling 50 million records. 

What many don’t realise is that although Sade has been out of the spotlight for the past 20 years; she is still very much involved in music, touring etc. The soulful singer resides in Britain where she is known as the Queen of British Pop; and figures from Billboard (the music industry journal) revealed that in 2011, she earned 10.5 million pounds in the U.S along (more than Adele).  Therefore, while Sade might not be in the tabloids, it is because she likes it that way but she still has an illustrious career that will only end if, and when she decides it will. 

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