Wendy Williams Cancels Tapings For The Rest Of Week After She Nearly Passes Out On TV Again — Watch

February 14, 2018 10:36 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Oh no. Wendy Williams is under the weather. 

She is finally deciding to take a break! She had a great track record at showing up to shoot her talk show NO MATTER WHAT. Seriously.

That said, she will not do a show for Valentine’s Day (nor the rest of the week) because she is battling the flu.

“In this flu season, Wendy is experiencing some flu-like symptoms,” a spokesperson for the show shared in a statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday. “Wendy will air a repeat [for the rest of the week.”]

This decision is said to be a significant one, as the show is in the middle of sweeps season. According to ScreenerTV, “sweeps” occur in November, February, May and July. During these months, ratings and measurement company Nielsen keeps an extra detailed watch on what certain demographics are tuning into and how many people are watching certain shows. Since fans of The Wendy Williams Show are less likely to tune into a re-run, this time-out is not the greatest idea, on paper.

However, this flu season has been rough. In some cases, it has even been fatal. 

Oh and earlier this week, Wendy almost took a tumble while greeting her audience at the end of an episode!
#PressPlay: #WendyWilliams almost took a tumble again 👀 Glad she found her balance!

Back in October, she collapsed on-air from what was supposedly “heat exhaustion”, due to a heavier-than-expected Halloween costume. Many people had comments on this, pointing to her much tinier frame though.

#PressPlay: Yasss #WendyWilliams View Previous Post!

“They thought it was fake,” Williams told PEOPLE about the incident and the speculation after the fact. “Everybody’s a doctor. ‘You need iron.’ ‘I don’t believe any of it.’ ‘She looks sad.’ ‘There’s something going on.’ Oh, shut up.”

She did dish to the publication at the time that, despite her impressive attendance record, she was going to make a promise to herself to take some time off if her body was letting her know that she needed it. 

 “Fainting is something that happens to people,” Wendy previously noted. “Best place to faint probably is on national TV, because all my doctors called — I didn’t even have to call them. They all called and kept late hours and worked around my schedule and stuff. I’m proud to say I did not have any pain when I got up. I was waiting for like three days. “Where’s the pain? Where’s the pain? Oh snap, no pain. Alright now!” And I don’t have a lump on my head, no headache, and I’m fine.”

Plus, there is all that rumored messiness with her husband.

Get well soon Wendy! We all need your wit and clever cracks in our lives.

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