Trick Daddy Home Foreclosed On, Rapper Ordered to Vacate Property

March 16, 2016 5:30 PM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Trick Daddy Home Foreclosed On, Rapper Ordered to Vacate Property

I officially can no longer feel bad for rappers (Or pro athletes.. or actors.. Wait, no. Screw you actors) who mismanage their money and end up on the street. 

Done. And done.

Seriously. What big ass rock are you living under to not understand:  A) The economy is in the toilet, and... B) How many more stories about idiots throwing their money away on dumb shit and ending up penniless do you have to hear about before you make the decision to not be a complete sucker?

I direct your attention to Diagram A: Trick Daddy.

Trick has been ordered to vacate his Florida home, in a legal battle accusing him of not paying his mortgage for years.  The rapper has apparently filed for bankruptcy, saying he had $430,420 in assets but a total of $644,613 in liabilities (including back child support).  The bottom line is, it all didn't add up enough to make a dent in his bill.

And now, after a LOT of courtroom back and forth, the judge has hit the rapper with a $380k judgement and has given the green light for his home to be sold off at public auction next month!

So right here, right now... I present to all you rappers and pro-athletes on the rise my '3-Point Master Plan for Keeping Your Cash':

Step One: Hire An HONEST Accountant 
They're out there, so do some research and find the right guy for the job. And then have he (or she) pay your taxes FIRST on the money you've made. The IRS is the deadliest mafia on the planet. Do not fuck with them. They WILL find you.  

Step Two: Do NOT Hire A "Crew"
The money comes. And when everybody puts their hands out, give 'em five. Not 5 dollars. Simply slap their hands, tell them, "Right on!"  And then send 'em packing. You don't need to be spreading yourself, (or your payola), so thin you can't even schedule your own day. It's about time management, my babies.

Step Three: Do NOT Get Anyone Pregnant  
At least, not until you have mastered something called: 'The Prenuptial Agreement'. This is the "Krav Maga of legalities".  And this goes for you ladies in the game as well. There are plenty of bad guys out there willing to take your hard earned dough-ray-me after you catch him cheating and call it 'splits'. 

(* The exception to this step is if you are a man and already married when success hits, then the step is changed to: Do Not Get Anyone ELSE Pregnant.)

Alright. Now that my work is done, I don't wanna be hearing any more stories about rappers or athletes being kicked to the curb by the courts. Those stories are depressing and they down right hurt my soul.

Annnnnnnnd.... you're welcome. 
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