Hungry? Top 5 Food Pages to Follow on Instagram

September 22, 2016 11:16 AM

Bruna Berney

Lifestyle Writer

Hungry? Top 5 Food Pages to Follow on Instagram

Stop stuffing mediocre food in your mouth. That’s right. Why live life on the other side of
orgasmic, heaven crafted, scrumptious food? Let’s indulge in some of the most rejuvenating
plates, I mean pages, on Instagram.

Hungry Obsession
If you need visual stimulation to get yourself out of bed, make sure to follow this vibrant
page. With a touch of rainbow magic, hungry obsession will leave you starving in the early
hours of the day.

Taste Made
It isn’t a surprise that this page focuses on giving you chills; crunchy, sweet, savory chills
that is. Each video leaves your taste buds dreaming of their true love. So don’t deprive

The Naughty Fork
In the odd chance you find yourself in Miami, you should know where to eat. The Naughty
Fork delivers all of Miami’s best temptations.

Food Porno
Don’t worry, it’s totally safe if your kids walk in. They’re just going to ask you to make some
of this fantastic food.

Sarah Phillips
This talented woman should be called Sarah da Vinci. Her artistic expression of food will
forever change your perception of food presentation. Apply any of her creative approaches
and you’ll leave family members and guests awestruck at how beautiful food can be.

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