Teyana Taylor Gathers Azealia Banks With Reads & Receipts After She Accuses Her Of Stealing Choreography — Video

May 15, 2018 9:18 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

You know what? Maybe Azealia Banks is actually a genius. 

Because her fights really grab her ink and press; and plenty of it.

She has now set her sights on Teyana Taylor, we guess?

Azealia posted a behind-the-scenes clip to Instagram of the choreography for her track, “Anna Wintour". Many have pointed out that it is not too dissimilar to Teyana's cameo in Kanye West’s “FADE” visual, which premiered during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

“@kevinlibrado lol you mean the chorography she stole from @bornready_matt and tried not to give him credit for until he got a lawyer involved…” she replied to a fan who reportedly pointed out the resemblances. 

Neither Matthew Pasterisa (the alleged “FADE” original choreographer in question), nor Teyana bothered to respond to Azealia’s comment initially, despite several followers tagging them both in responses.

There’s also no public knowledge of any lawsuits or legal combat between them either, but instead, an interview where Teyana credited her co-choregraphy with Pasterisa following the overwhelmingly positive reception of the video.

“By the way, the dance scene at the very, very end, maybe the last eight counts that I did; me and one of my homeboys Matthew Pasterisa actually made that choreography for Beyoncé for when the ‘End of Time’ came out,”  Tey once told Vogue magazine. “She loved it but she wound up not being able to use it because she was pregnant, but back then the world didn’t know. All this time that choreography was just sitting there. And as soon as I was freestyling it just came out naturally.”

See Azealia Banks allegation below: 

UPDATE: Teyana Taylor is not here for Azealia Banks’ mess.

After Azealia accused Teyana of stealing the choreography from Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video, Teyana took to Instagram to clap back.

#TeyanaTaylor has time for #AzealiaBanks today!

It wasn’t long before the choreographer, Matthew Pasterisa, shared a clip of the alleged stolen choreography explaining that he never knew about the “Fade” video until it dropped and that he never got paid.

He also admitted Azelia’s version of events was exaggerated and that no one went to court.

10-1-11: I posted this Beyonce “End of Time” Choreography on YouTube. When I used to Teach Dance classes in a Basement. To make things very Clear I am very THANKFUL FOR THE VMA OPPORTUNITY And I Thanked you @teyanataylor Numerous of Times and Showed love. I’m Truly Blessed for it BUT Honestly, I didn’t know any thing about “FADE”, I didn’t Get any calls about it and I didn’t Receive any pay .... (SHE DID GIVE ME SOME CREDIT) I was truly hurt and Felt Stolen from .... I took it with a Grain of Salt and Continued to remain Humble. I’m not here to Drag anyone and this wasn’t intentional but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH ! (NO WE DIDN’T GO TO Court)

Teyana, once again, clapped back at the choreographer explaining the FULL story.

Oop! #TeyanaTaylor responds to the choreographer who claims he wasn't paid/didn't know his choreography was being used for #FADE 👀👀 (See previous post)

Azealia later responded to a fan asking why she had no further comment on the matter.

Her response:

Looks like #AzealiaBanks is taking a different approach with #TeyanaTaylor 👀

Yikes. Wonder what Azealia’s game plan is. She sure doesn’t seem to mind burning bridges.

If you ask us, it looks like Azealia tried to create a mess by stirring up and old situation between Matt and Teyana that had been resolved. What do you think?

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