10 Best Apps to Stay in Shape

November 28, 2016 5:19 PM
10 Best Apps to Stay in Shape

With the holidays coming up, food temptation is everywhere.  With so many fitness apps available, there are many ways right at your fingertips to stay in shape. Here are the best apps for the iPhone and Android phones to work off that sweet potato pie. 

Nike +Training Club 

Nike innovated sneakers: now they’re innovating fitness. With this app, you can choose workouts based on your fitness level and helps you with the regimen with easy videos explaining each workout as you go. Download free from itunes.


Argus lets you track your heart rate, sleep, and even food. Scan the bar code of a food label to see how many calories you’re eating on this app. Download from Google Play.

Spring Runnung Music 

Spring Running helps you work out while listening to your favorite jams. This app lets you run while matching your steps to music from its dozens of playlists. Download on  iTunes.

Charity Miles 

Exercise for a good cause with this app. 25 cents will be donated for every mile you run. Facebook your friends to spread the word and for charities to get their donations. Download from  iTunes. 

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer has hundreds of routines to help you stay in shape. Join the online community to get motivation and share your progress. Download from Google Play.


This app lets you create a custom workout. If you’re short on time, try the 5 minute sessions. Download from Google Play.

Fitness Builder 

If you’re working out in the gym, Fitness Builder records how many reps you’re doing and how much weight you’re lifting, too. Download from i Tunes.

Daily Yoga

If you want a more chill workout, let your booty do that yoga with this app. Learn yoga poses and routines to help stay toned. Download from i Tunes.


This app helps you track the calories of the food you’re eating so you can stay in shape even whne you’re not working out. Download from Google Play. 

Carrot Fit 

This one is more of a joke, with this app shading you out and yelling at you to get in shape for 7 minutes workouts. If you’re into tough love to get motivated to work out, download it on   iTunes. 

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