Sad news for fans of Taye Diggs. It's with a heavy heart to report that the actor has been confirmed to be...

January 10, 2016 4:30 PM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Sad news for fans of Taye Diggs. It's with a heavy heart to report that the actor has been confirmed to be...
Taye Diggs is being accused of excessive snuggling.

Or, it seems, wanting more than cuddles from a professional snuggler.

Unfortunately, the following actually happened… which is one of those subtle reminders that bad decisions are equal opportunity employers and do not discriminate against race, gender, age, or celebrity status.

Lisa VanArsdale, a 25-year-old nanny from NY, tells the National Enquirer that Taye was her “celebrity crush” until he tried to have sex with her during a late night cuddle session.

Lisa, who works for the online service, “The Snuggle Buddies,” claims she met the actor at New York City restaurant back on September 9th. Two days later, he sent her a text asking if she was “available for snuggling,” noting that, “Discretion is a must.” Lisa claims after meeting up with Diggs, he tried to convince her to do Ecstasy before taking off her bra and making out over the course of four hours.

“He asked to see my breasts, so I removed my bra,” she said.
The actor reportedly wanted more than a snuggle but was disappointed after learning what cuddle buddies are all about. “Taye said, ‘I thought you wanted to have sex with me.’ I’d assumed he knew the rules of snuggling. It’s a completely non-sexual thing.”

Oh. Is it now?  Yes, how stupid of Diggs to think that a 25 employee of a NY company called “Snuggle Buddies” would be sterile and non-sexual.

The pro cuddle bunny says she was outraged (OUTRAGED, I say) days after, when she learned the actor was dating model Amanza Smith Brown.

VanArsdale claims to have texted him:

“… You (led) me to believe you were single … What little trust I had left in me for men is completely gone.”

So remember guys: do not go snuggling a professional snuggler or someone will snuggle too close and may catch the feels.

This entire story is so embarrassing, I’m actually embarrassed writing it. I feel bad. I may need to snuggle until the fear subsides.

However, it was confirmed that Lisa VanArsdale had actually met Digg in person on at least two separate occasions. So there was some extraneous snuggling going on outside of regular snuggling hours.

Below are photographs from those meetings, although the details around them, (namely if there was any snuggling involved before or after their capture), remain unclear.

And I want to say, next time you’re in New York, try “The Slap Buddies”. You’ll get your money’s worth and there is NO mistaking those open palm slaps across your face as an invitation to knock boots.

Well… for some of you at least.

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