Tamar comes for Ciara by making a CRAZY comment about her 'Messy Baby Daddy Drama!'

January 10, 2016 11:30 AM

Monya Fleming

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Did Tamar Braxton Shade Ciara Over Child Custody Drama With Future?

Tamar Braxton is defintiely not here for Ciara‘s drama with her former fiance, Future! The rapper caused controversy earlier this week after he slammed his baby-mama for denying him access to their son. The rant had fans weighing in with their thoughts and it appears Tamar was siding with Future.

"The Real" co-host took to Twitter to share her opinion of her “good friend” refusing visitation to her baby-daddy.

Braxton tweeted, "I just had to let loose on my homegirl cause she wrong for that and if you get called out you[r] name except[sic] that even exchange #youwrongdog. If u can make a baby by YOURSELF then it’s YOURS if u made it with someone else then its YALLS @imisstherealgirlchat @yesitoldyobusiness.”

Tamar's comments on social media came on the heels of Future blasting his ex for not bringing their son, Future, over for Christmas dinner with his other children. She reportedly initially agreed and then backed out. 

The "I Bet" singer's representative denied Future's claims and said she never has tried to keep her son from his father. 

Fans believed Braxton was addressing Ciara on social media with her comments. She wrote, "Cause you the mama and ya'll break up don't mean the baby is yours. I tried that give-me-my-baby-ish, 'cause I was mad one time. He said 'Our baby." 

The R&B star added, "I just had to let loose on my homegirl, 'cause she's wrong for that, and if you get called out you're name except that even exchange."

Several fans clapped back at the talk show co-host, stating she was throwing shade at CiCi.

The 38-year-old reality star then explained that her comments had nothing to do with Ciara and were about a phone conversation she was having with a friend. Do you guys buy it? These fans certainly aren't!

Tamar was pretty upset by the comments and even considered getting rid of her Twitter account. But, she later posted, "After talking to my friends my tweets will only have to do with Jesus and his Love."

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