How To and Where To For The Solo Black Traveler

November 28, 2016 6:50 PM

Kim Lee Baker

Lifestyle Writer

How To and Where To For The Solo Black Traveler


It can be tough to gather your crew for an adventure. Conflicting schedules, location preferences, super busy careers and even fear of flying may cause the best intentioned voyage plans to fall flat. For some, also going it alone is simply a preference. With no influence of other’s opinions, many experience their best travel memories, including endless solitude. Also, travel motivation is everywhere, thanks to social media, the popularity of travel magazines, travel Web sites and those oh, so appealing rewards programs. Why not?

If you prefer going solo, here are a few notes to get and keep you on-track:

The How’s


Always inform your team at home, before you go! As secret adventures away may feel very necessary when you have a need for private time to reset, every travel detail doesn’t have to be shared. A simple hey, I’m heading to Oz will do. 

Advise your Embassy that you’re in town. In the event of an emergency or other need to reach you, you'll be thankful you did.

Do join travel groups and social groups, focused on abroad experiences, including expatriate organizations: 

At, you will find many niche meets in the country or city you plan to visit. Join these group well in advance, to take full advantage of upcoming dates to meet other travelers. is a global expatriate site, popular for networking and various meet and dine activities, along with cultural gatherings from music to photography to dance.

Research the local customs thoroughly—knowing and understanding general attire will go a long way! Also, take a look at overall social standards. Be sure to take note of host gift giving, should you find yourself with an invite.


groups like Nomadness Travel Tribe and Travel Noire, for insight unique to Black worldliness, all over the map. Rick Steves’ Minority Travelers Forum also provides insight on an array of topics.

Where To ?

Copenhagen, Denmark


Denmark is one of the safest capital cities in Europe.  Thanks to low crime rates and the country's welcoming cultural attitude known as Hygge (pronounced “Hooga”), Denmark maintains it's popularity for solo visits. Long, 18-hour days of sunlight make summer the best time to visit. 

Montreal, Canada


Canada has both a high safety ranking and happiness ranking. With cafés like Noble Café and an unparalleled bar scene, Montreal remains a solo traveler hotspot. Step into a fairy-tale-like, snow globe dream by visiting Old Montreal in winter.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica


The surfing culture in Guanacaste makes for a relaxed energy and embracing environment. For the solo, adventure-seeking traveler, the numerous beaches, rainforests and volcanoes are the perfect compliment to your eco-adventure. Stop by during the dry season, which is December through April.

So What Else...

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