5 Sidekick Rappers Who Slipped Into Obscurity

September 20, 2016 2:46 PM

Laurel Handfield

Lifestyle Writer

5 Sidekick Rappers Who Slipped Into Obscurity

You’ve heard of NAS, MC Lyte, Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy, but since the inception of rap in the late 70s, there have been countless other groups that have come and gone faster than you can say Whomp, there it is. What happened to all those side-kicks? We all know where Fresh Prince is, but in comparison, Jazzy Jeff, not so much. Check out where 5 of your favorite lesser known rappers/DJs ended up. 

William McLean “Mista Lawnge” (Black Sheep)
Andres "Dres" Titus and William "Mista Lawnge" McLean made up the duo Black Sheep, which brought you the mega-rap hit, The Choice Is Yours. The duo disbanded in 1995 but have since reunited. 
Side-kick, Mista Lawnge, was found on facebook, a happily married writer/producer who is still churning out hits. There’s great news for Black Sheep fans, too. A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 25th Anniversary is coming to your area soon. Check out BlackSheep25th.com for dates.

Nat “Gizmo” Robinson from Audio Two
If you don’t remember the rap “Top Billin”, you should turn in your rap card immediately. Audio Two was comprised of two Brooklyn rappers, Kirk “Milk Dee” Robinson and Nat “Gizmo” Robinson. Other than 50 cent’s sample of their song, I Get Money, you probably haven’t heard much from them, especially from side-kick Gizmo. But where is Gizmo now?

After the duo broke up in 1992, Gizmo pulled a disappearing act.  The good news is, he remained in the music biz and became a recording engineer under the name “You Can Ask” Giz. His work appeared on albums by Donell Jones and Tyrese.

Prime Minister Pete Nice from 3rd Base
Michael Berrin and Peter J. Nash made up the rap duo 3rd Base along with DJ Richie Rich. Even though they were rappers of the Caucasian persuasion, 3rd Base was never ridiculed for the color of their skin. In fact, they were the ones doing the ridiculing with the song, Gas Face, which went in on MC Hammer (We’ll talk about him in a second). A few years back, MC Serch (Berrin) had his own rap show on television but since the early 90s, his side-kick, Prime Minister Pete Nice (Nash), was nowhere to be found. Where is Mr. Nice now?

In the early 90s, Peter J. Nash started a record label and produced several underground hip hop songs. In 2008 he opened up a bar in Boston. He got into some money issues that resulted in a $15k tax bill from the government. Currently, he’s back in the studio so maybe new music is near (along with a few payments to Uncle Sam.)

2 Bigg MC- DJ/Hype Man for MC Hammer
You may not remember the name, but I’m sure you’d remember the voice in early MC Hammer videos. You cannot have forgotten about the 90s hit, He’s the King of Hype. Where has Too Big MC been hiding? 
Rumor had it that he left the business and moved to Obscurity, Louisiana (You didn’t know that was a real place?). That turned out to be false. However, the good news is, 2 Bigg MC is still in the music biz and churning out the hits. Currently, you can find his music on iTunes.

Eric B (Eric B & Rakim)
There is no disputing that Eric B & Rakim (Louis Eric Barrier, William Michael Griffin Jr.) made a great impact in the rap world. Their hits are still played in clubs today. We’ve seen Rakim here and there, but whatever happened to his DJ, Eric B?

After the duo’s biggest album, Paid In Full, the group released 3 more albums before disbanding in 1993. As for Eric B, in 1995 he released a self-titled album but has since hung up his mic and became an entrepreneur, currently owning over 20 restaurants throughout the U.S. (Do you think fish is his favorite dish, but then again, without the money it’s still a wish.)

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