T.I.’s Ex-Side Chick Asia’h Epperson Is Trying To Get His Attention In New IG Video

February 16, 2019 10:08 AM
“Oh No Baby, What Is You Doing?”

That’s a line being said by many on the internet after the stunt Asia’h Epperson just pulled on a social media. 

Just when Tip & Tiny Harris thought they put her in their review mirror, Epperson just added some gas to the fire. 

If you remember, the Greenleaf star got plenty of publicity when she was captured getting very flirty with a very-married T.I. on camera in June of last year. 

In a viral clip captured backstage by a concertgoer, Epperson reportedly got cozy with T.I. while he was backstage at a show in Indiana. He even smacked her on the booty in the clip before leaning in and kissing her on her neck.

Fans were very upset to view the video, especially after T.I. appeared to be working on his marriage with Tiny after previously cheating on her with Bernice Burgos.

While T.I. and Tiny have never directly addressed the video and the reports of Asia’h being his side chick, Tip happily back in the good graces of his wife - and no longer "friendly" with the actress.

Well it looks like the 30-year-old isn’t ready to let go of him just yet. 

On the actress’ Instagram Story, she was clearly feeling one of T.I.’s new songs, “More & More” from his latest album, Dime Trap

“I’m a dumb n[expletive] / Since a young n[expletive], I’ve been a made man /My b[expletive]es come with fat [butt] and a spray tan / Spend a whole bag, then run up more / I won a 100K shootin’ dice, 10 to 4,” Harris raps as Epperson mimics and raps along to the song.

The Greenleaf star captioned the IG video as she cruised in her car, smiling and laughing on the road,  “@troubleman31 [This Ish]  is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” 

As Asia’h played with her hair, she continued to rap along to the Jeezy-featured song. 

“All I know is more and more / Goin’ to the grave ‘fore I’m going broke / Do it all against the odds, baby, lord knows / Puttin’ on, homie, that’s what I was born for / Hunnid bands.”

Epperson captioned her final video, “All [I] know is more and more💯💯💯💯,”

This is the first time that the actress has mentioned T.I. on her Instagram page since she tried to clear her name and say she’s not his side piece. 

When the actress/model posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit on the beach, a fan asked her about her relationship status.

“U got a boyfriend?” Instagram user @flexxlutherr commented.

“@flexxlutherr nope!!!!! Single as a $1 bill baby!!!!!😜,” Epperson replied.

T.I. and Asia’h’s video scandal in June led to renewed tensions in the Harris’ household that got smoothed over in time for Tiny’s 43rd birthday in July. 

What’s understood requires no explanation!!! I’m always here to show up and show out for mines. Regardless of WHATEVER!!! King ain’t never missed a beat!!! Happy Gday Mrs H.👑🏆🎊🎉


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