Here’s How Rob Kardashian Feels About Blac Chyna Being Pregnant By 18-Year-Old Boyfriend

June 13, 2018 8:23 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Is Blac Chyna really pregnant with her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay’s baby?

People are whispering about the possibility yet again, after footage of Chyna sporting what appears to be a baby bump while celebrating her son King Cairo's graduation popped up online.

Well, Rob Kardashian isn’t pleased.

In Touch claims that Rob, who is the father of Chyna's one-year-old daughter Dream, responded to the rumors, saying, "If Blac Chyna is pregnant, don't expect Rob to take care of the baby financially."

"Rob knows he's not the father and at this point, he's so done with her. He's pissed and feels like Chyna's playing him. He's been going to bat for her, trying to get her back on E!, trying to get her and Kris on good terms so they can stop fighting."

"He's even been cashing her out for Dream and King. For Chyna's sake, he hopes she's not pregnant," the source continued.

Same, pal.

As mentioned, Blac Chyna recently wore a body-hugging pink dress with a plunging neckline, which obviously seems inappropriate for a school function. However, the attention of most fans were on the 30-year-old star's belly.

See another photo of the alleged baby bump below:

Rob (and Chyna’s other ex, Tyga) supposedly chimed in when this rumor first cropped up a few months ago too, by the way.

“Rob and Tyga are both freaking out over Blac Chyna’s latest pregnancy rumors. Rob has reached out to Tyga asking him what he knows about Blac’s new boyfriend and if he thinks she really could be pregnant with his child. Rob is furious and doesn’t want to believe it could be possible so he has been texting on Tyga about what he might know about the awkward situation. Neither of the guys have much trust in Blac, so no matter what she tells them, they are not sure what to think.”

“Tyga thinks Chyna may have setup her new guy and planned to get pregnant with his baby since they first started dating. Even though he is angry about it too, Tyga is not surprised at all about the rumors and believes it could be true. Neither Rob nor Tyga like the idea of a much younger rapper, that Blac barely knows, having a child with Blac and in the same house with King and Dream.”

Hm. A while back, Almighty Jay talked about how much he dislikes practicing safe sex.

"I don't wear condoms. I would not want to [expletive] a  [expletive] I did not want to get pregnant. If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that [expletive] like 'ohh daddy love you.' I love that [expletive]" he said.


Um, do you think Rob has a right to be upset? Or is it none of his business one way or another?

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