Rihanna Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Billionaire Boyfriend After New Video Go Viral

May 30, 2019 7:37 PM
Over the last few years, Rihanna has been birthing different business brands but new reports claim she’s ready to birth a new child with her Billionaire Boyfriend Hassan Jameel. 

Star Magazine reports a source told them that Rih Rih is getting ready for childhood as she’s making lifestyle changes. 

The singer/entrepreneur has scaled back on her drinking and smoking as she’s noticeably lost weight. 

According to the insider, “She’s a changed woman, and she can’t wait to be a mom”. 

Let the internet tell it, the 31-year-old may already have her first child on the way. Pregnancy rumors are running rampant after a new video shared by Rihanna went viral. 

The Fenty Beauty creator was wearing a sleeveless and polka-dot swing dress. Her goddaughter Majesty is seen talking pictures of the singer as she moves around to show her best angles. 

Commentators of the video are wondering if she’s pregnant and hiding her baby bump under her loose dress. 

Omg so cute😭💖. Rihanna X Majesty via @og.ellaa Instagram story✨ #Rihanna 2d
One fan was wondering if she was releasing new music soon: “I think she’ll be a dope mom…. wait let me stop before she gets anymore ideas she has already forgotten about the music. She better be taking that pic for her album cover 😂Majesty is so big now. ❤️❤️❤️.”

This person asked if Rihanna was carrying a child: “Why do I feel like she’s pregnant? Swear kids are the best photographers! 😂. This is why I need one 😂😂There’s nothing like a loving relationship with your aunt, who sometimes, is like your second mom. Love it.”

A third observer shared: “She was showing her whole stomach when she was in Barbados lately, and she’s not in Barbados NOW, she’s in London & Paris to prepare for the launch of her OWN luxury fashion house “Fenty” which is debuting this week. Also, that’s why she’ve been lowkey lately and not attending any events including Met Gala. Make it make sense tf. Stop the Fenty Photos and give us that Fenty album! Damn sis can’t wear an oversized dress without being pregnant. 😒”

Another commenter added: “These “where is the album” comments getting annoying now… you’ll get it when she wants. If Rihanna wanted you all to know she was pregnant-she would announce it…YALL BE WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG THINGS! I think her dress is cute tho😍Y’all ain’t never getting new music ….she is a beauty and fashion mogul now 🤷🏽♀️❤️😂😂😂 Let sis live her life and secure the bag.”

Do you think we'll be wishing Rihanna a happy Mother's Day this time next year?

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