Masika Throws Shade At Juju For A Crazy Reason & JuJu Gets Her All The Way Together

April 23, 2019 5:48 AM
Smh... This is messy! 

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star Masika Kalysha is doing what she does best—fighting with others on social media.

This time around she has sent a subliminal message to those women who "boast" about college degrees they are "not using."

With New York franchise cast member JuJu being the only known member of the L&HH crew to have multiple college degrees, many believed Masika was targeting her in the post. But she wasted no time in expressing that she's "not the one."

Let's get into the tea!

Masika first tweeted:  “Ladies” (I use that word very lightly) stop bragging about your college degree that you’re not using. Being dumb enough to waste mommy & daddy’s money to sit through 4 years or more of college just to (try to) do what my college drop out [expletive] is doing... is NOT brag worthy. Idiot", Masika had tweeted.

Oh and then…” Sis you a drop out too 🤷🏽♀”.


She then popped onto Instagram to further elaborate after it cleared that her tweet upset a lot of women.

#Masika stepped into #TheShadeRoom to elaborate on her Tweet!

After a Instagram commentator pointed out that Masika was referring to Juju, the degreed up Love & Hip Hop New York star issued a clap back letting everyone know that Masika knows better than to take it there.

Im so happpppyyyy right now!!! I just picked up my Cap & Gown, it’s official I’m getting my Masters Degree!! . Bachelors ✔️ Masters ✔️ Dr. Juju sounds real good right now 😬 👩🏾‍🎓 . . #juju #educated #boss #Cubana #lhhny #bachelors #masters #chocolateCuban #barryU #higherLearning

"To shade me .. you have to @ me," JuJu wrote.  "I stated my opinion respectfully, like everyone else .. i don't do subs, you know that... & Degreed and all.. I am not 'The One'  so i seriously doubt it."


#TSRClapbackSeason: #Juju said she’s not the one, the two, or the three! 👀 (View previous post) #Masika

Masika also has been bickering with fellow Fetty Wap baby mama (what a club) Alexis Skyy for what seems like forever. Um, isn’t she always though?

Alexis and Zell both chimed in with some not so-nice-thoughts about Masika on Instagram Live not long ago. Alexis mentioned supposedly seeing Masika tossing back Xanax at the reunion special for their previous season of the Hollywood spin-off. Zell also joked about calling child protective services on Masika and claimed that Masika is an alcoholic.

"Honey imma keep ignoring ahonda like she ignores that child," Masika tweeted. "Be blessed don't come on my page with that mess sweets."

Alexis soon responded, after The Shade Room published details about this on Instagram.

"Look at Mathicko the hungry hippo, I wish the food going in your mouth taste as bitter as my name come out of your mouth," she snapped. "I'll take a page from your mommy mistakes book, & keep the medicine cabinet locked... Not trying to raise no addict gurllllllll".

Masika is known for her ongoing beef with Alexis Skyy but if she really wants smoke with Juju, she has to at her or dap her.

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