Kandi Burruss’ Daughter Riley Reportedly Shares Some Alarming Allegations About Her Husband Todd

February 09, 2019 8:01 AM

Is it all that surprising? Eh. 

Does Kandi Burruss’ 16-year-old daughter, Riley, think that Todd Tucker is “using” her mother?

Kandi and Todd met on the show in 2011, so they have been together a while. When he first started dating Kandi, he was a production coordinator, but their relationship blooming allowed him to become a part of the cast.

It sounds like the last seven years of Todd being by Kandi’s side were not enough to convince the 16-year-old that he has good intentions.

“Riley has a real problem with her mom Kandi’s husband, Todd, and she feels he is an opportunist. Riley has heard stories from those who have known him for years and apparently, from the time he was younger, he always had this grandiose perception of himself, that he was meant for something bigger and greater than those around him,” a disher insists. “Now, Riley sees that Todd has never changed and she feels now he is just using her mother for his own gain.”

Kandi and Todd also got married in 2014 after one year of being engaged; they even welcomed a baby boy named Ace in 2016.

First field trip for @acewellstucker & @todd167 @kpt__ & I decided to tag along! @rileyburruss was at school. #bjreeceappleorchard
That isn’t enough to sway Riley. 

“Riley can’t stand that Todd spent several years with a woman who he told was the love of his life, but when he realized she could not take him to the next level, in terms of money or fame, he dropped her and began dating Kandi a short while later. Riley feels like Todd is a clout chaser and it is doubtful he would be with her mom if she did not have the wealth and fame that she does and it makes Riley furious.”

Hm. Is Riley onto something or is this typical adolescent nonsense?

Back in September, Kandi gifted Riley a $100,000 white Porsche Macan with red leather seats and personalized interior. This move may have caused a squabble with Todd. 

I had to surprise my baby girl @rileyburruss today with her car. Her #Sweet16 is tomorrow but I figured she would be super surprised & not expecting anything if it was the day before her bday. I put the nickname that @nickiminaj gave her on the floor when you open the car door. #Rilez

"Todd was livid Kandi bought Riley such an expensive car and they had a huge fight," an insider confessed to Radar Online. 

"Todd told Kandi she's spoiling Riley and preferred she get a Honda Civic as her first car," they continued. "Kandi basically told Todd to mind his own damn business and that it's her own money that she's using to spoil her daughter."

Yesterday was a big day for my baby girl! @rileyburruss had her first interview & then her first day of her internship at a law firm! I was so excited for her. She didn’t want me to post pics of her outfit she wore to the internship for some reason but here are just a few more pics from the day. 💄: @taetv & 💇🏾‍♀️: @sewjodie

Apparently, Kandi “throws her wealth in his face to shut him down” every time they start arguing. 

“Kandi’s always reminding Todd that she’s the boss of the family because she has all that money,” a source claimed. “That irritates the hell out of Todd and is the catalyst for many of their fights.”

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