Kandi Burruss’ New Reality Show Has Reportedly Been Canceled Due To The Antics Of This ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star

May 20, 2018 10:01 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

Welp, that escalated quickly…

Kandi Burruss was reportedly gearing up to executive produce a new show called "Haute Lanta", previously referred to as "Hotlanta." However, it appears the reality series has been axed due to the behavior of one of the rumored stars.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was ready to produce a new show that would be starring fellow "RHOA" star Marlo Hampton, Reco Chapple and Funky Dineva. 

It's now being reported that the show has been cancelled before filming even began. 

The Jasmine Brand reported that the reality show was called off due to Marlo's diva demands. 

The Jasmine Brand wrote:

"Sources tell us last week that the show, which was allegedly called "Haute Lanta" (we incorrectly stated the show was titled "Hot Atlanta"), has been axed. Sources tell us the show was scrapped allegedly because of Marlo."

Who’s watching #RHOA (in between The Grammy’s)? Congratulations again to @kandi on your @essence cover 😘and Broadway! I can’t wait to see you in #Chicago as #mamamorton

The site stated, "She had too many demands and she wasn’t willing to budge. She has some star power, but for a new show, there’s not much of a budget. Marlo wanted too much." 

Sources claimed that Hampton was demanding to have "first class flights" and was simply "just being too difficult to work with." 

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Other sources have claimed that the BRAVO network wasn't happy that Hampton would be possibly leaving "RHOA" for another reality show that is very similar on another network. "Haute Lanta" was reportedly going to be shown on WeTV.  

An insider previously shared that Marlo "would likely leave "RHOA", especially because she's never been an official cast member. Marlo will really get to shine." 

The new series was set to showcase some of the movers and shakers in Atlanta. 

One insider dished that Marlo wasn't actually going to be the star of "Haute Lanta" anyway and that the cast would include "Project Runway" alum Ken Laurence, "The Fashion Show" alum Reco Chapple, celebrity blogger Funky Dineva, and Kontrol editor Julian Clark.

The tenth season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" recently wrapped up and the reunion show featured Marlo getting into it with castmate, Kenya Moore.

Kenya claimed that Marlo is a prostitute and alleged that Marlo tried to blackmail NeNe with her Italian ex John Kolaj.

Hampton responded to Moore's accusations and suggested Kenya is not only faking her marriage, but also her pregnancy to Marc Daly. 
Ain’t Over: Marlo Hampton’s Still #RHOAReunion Ripping Kenya Moore—& Says The Entire Cast Shadily Did THIS #Kenyamoore #Marlohampton

Kandi, who is part of Xscape has written tons of hit songs in the past. She also keeps busy with her intimate line, Bedroom Kandi, hosts the talk show "Kandi Koated Nights", as well as starring on "RHOA." 

Kandi has not yet addressed reports that "Haute Lanta" was given the axe, but filming was slated to begin in July 2018.
Kandi Burruss' New Reality Show Was Reportedly Canceled Due To This RHOA Star #Bravo, #KandiBurruss, #MarloHampton, #RealHousewives, #Rhoa

It appears we'll have to wait and see if Kandi's show will be picked up by another network. Or if she will proceed without Marlo on the series.

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