Phaedra Parks Reportedly Begging The Producers Of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” To Bring Her Back

September 17, 2017 8:21 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

You know what?

We are not completely ashamed to admit that we enjoy a solid serving of "schadenfreude" from time to time, especially when someone really had their misfortune coming.

Phaedra Parks was given the ol’ heave-ho (or Fired) by RHOA producers after all of THAT unsavory stuff came to the surface; Phaedra was caught lying about Kandi Burruss attempting to rape and drug Porsha Williams.

She also said “nope” to dating on-camera. Because, you know, she is just so moral. 

Oh and her divorce with Apollo Nida was spectacularly insane. Truly. 
He is set to remain in prison until August 2020. Their paperwork was finally worked out earlier this year, but the journey to that end-result was rocky. Just to pluck an example out of thin air, court documents showed that the judge was troubled that she misspelled Nida's last name as "Nita” and that her now-ex-husband has been led to believe he would attend future divorce hearings from behind bars. Plus, Apollo was evidently not informed of the final hearing or served with the finalized divorce papers.

Anyway…she is begging to come back onto the show. Reportedly, that is. But we kind of buy it, don’t you?

Well, recently claimed that she is pulling out all the stops to get a giant check. 

“She’s desperate for cash,” an insider dished. “She’s trying to sell one of her homes and lease a recently purchased home because she doesn’t have the substantial income that she was earning on RHOA.”
After spreading the false rumor that #KandiBurruss and #ToddTucker tried to drug and rape their cast mate, #PorshaWilliams, #PhaedraParks peach was revoked on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“She has been in constant contact with producers asking to make a cameo or be part of the series in some capacity,” they added. “They have repeatedly declined her offers because she no longer has an organic relationship with any of the season 10 cast members.”

We’ll bet. 

OOP! Looks like Phaedra's money #allegedly will be running out soon and is SO DESPERATE FOR CASH that she is BEGGING the producers to allow her to come back and they REFUSE. Not only that, the producers wouldn't mind having her for a few episodes but its the CAST that don't want her there. Oh well 😂😂💅☕️🍑 #RHOA #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta #IDoNotFeelBadForHer #Karma #blogger #blogpost #tvshows #teonnyspears #popglitz #celebrities #celebritynews #celebritygossip #phaedraparks

Apparently, she even “offered to date and open up more about her personal life” when she was in the process of being booted off the show. That strategy didn’t work though, obviously.

“The producers made it clear that they were more interested in following her story when she was married to Apollo since viewers could relate to the stigma of dating a man with a troubled past and his journey to rehabilitating his life,” the source explained.

Waaaaaaait a second...#phaedraparks went to #ugalaw and I'm just now learning about this?! #realhousewivesofatlanta #lawdawgs #philanthropy

Do you want to see Phaedra Parks Return for Season 10 of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta?'

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