New "Baby Bump" Photos Of R&B Singer Brandy Spark Up Pregnancy Rumors Again

September 13, 2017 2:07 PM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Bump watching celebrities can be pretty rude. Or it can venture into pretty rude territory, at least. So invasive.

It’s okay to not have a completely flat stomach. Yeesh.

Even though Brandy previously slammed rumors that she was pregnant, new photos have sparked the speculation once again that not only is she pregnant but that she's trying to hide her pregnancy. 

Back on August 26th when she was hit with the first round of pregnancy reports, She wrote on Instagram“#SillyGirl Pregnant my [expletive]... [expletive] can a [expletive] just could have been bloated yesterday? I ain't gon lie, I did look pregnant... but you would think I would have had the Baby by now... lol... so Nah son..”. She accompanied this proclamation with a little clip of her merrily dancing. 

#SillyGirl Pregnant my [expletive]... Damn can a [expletive] just could have been bloated yesterday? I ain't gon lie, I did look pregnant... but you would think I would have had the Baby by now... lol... so Nah son..

New photos have surfaced and they’re once again raising eyebrows.

Even so, she was spotted looking “fuller” (not our words!) than usual while leaving a game of tennis and people got worked up yet again. So, of course, folks are flocking to social media to leave her congratulatory messages, though more than a few are admonishing her for “lying” about her possible pregnancy.

Hey, even if she is having a baby, she doesn’t owe the world an announcement. Right?

“😍😍😘😘😘 Congrats on the new baby!” one supporter quipped. “So are you’re going to wear baggy clothes now, make half body photos and still deny the pregnancy?” snapped another.

Some seem to think that she might be a surrogate for her brother Ray J and his wife Princess Love, who documented their fertility struggles on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” Others have tossed on their imaginary doctor caps to play keyboard diagnosis or whatever.

Look, we aren’t that invested, so this development gets a non-enthusiastic shrug from us. We are just hoping that she never has a baby with Sir The Baptist because their entire relationship seemed super up-and-down and unhealthy. Not that there weren’t mutterings about this happening before

The Dope Artist from Chicago and the Talented Artist/ Actress from McComb, Mississippi. @sirthebaptist @4everbrandy #TheGoldStandard #Brandy #SirTheBaptist

Back in May, she posted a snap of herself that riled her followers right up, which led to lots of comments referencing her “baby”. 


She should just tell people to butt out. Like Yandy Smith kind of did a while back. Haha

In actual baby news, did you hear that Serena Williams has introduced her newborn daughter, Alexis, to the world? Get ready to “aww” your heart out!

Meet Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. You have to check out link in bio for her amazing journey. Also check out my IG stories 😍😍❤️❤️

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