5 Old School Gangster/ Hood Movies That Need Sequels and Remakes

September 28, 2016 1:02 PM

Christopher Mobley

Lifestyle Writer

5 Old School Gangster/ Hood Movies That Need Sequels and Remakes
Everybody loves a great crime thriller! What some call “hood movies” and “gangster flicks” are what we can consider modern day operas! Whether we're rooting for the bad guy like we did in New Jack City, or we were relating to the injustice and hardships that Tre was going through in Boyz n The Hood, these are the films that constantly have a place in our list of favorite movies. With a lot of movies from the past getting either sequels or reboots, it's only right that our favorite guilty pleasures be brought out for a new generation as well. Here are five “hood”/gangster flicks that really need a sequel and/ or reboot!'

1)New Jack City

For those who remember the infamous classic, Nino Brown was the ultimate gangster. He was a cold and calculating genius who was intelligent enough to build an empire, but also ruthless enough to not anyone, not even family, get into the way of his ambitions! Now imagine a scenario where he actually have a son, but was unable to learn about and raise his seed because of his untimely death. It's 25 years later, and his son is a street hustler who finally learns about the reign his bloodline had on the underworld, and is ready to do whatever it takes to claim the empire that is rightfully his! This is a scenario that many fans of the original would be excited to see come to the big screen! Hopefully, the new generation of actors would be able to capture the charismatic yet ruthless persona of everybody's favorite gangster, Nino Brown. 

2)Set It Off

Four female best friends choose to take matters into their own hands (although it involves life endangering criminal activity) instead of relying on a system where they are under-appreciated. It's a tale that can be retold through multiple generations. This is why this classic not only deserves a remake that the fans will appreciate, but can actually be done perfectly with the new generation of black female actresses. Who wouldn't love to see Nicki Minaj combine her beauty with the toughness of a Queens, NY resident in the role of Cleo? Also, considering the way the original ended (no spoiler for the youngsters who have yet to see it), it would be entertaining to see the veterans put together a team of young femme fetales for one more heist that would leave them set for life!

3)Boyz N The Hood

For those that remember John Singleton's classic film, we know that what made Boyz N The Hood so great was not only the relatable portrayal of young black males in poverty stricken areas, but also the script that was not afraid to implement both direct and subliminal messages about the struggles faced in the black community. Considering that the same issues addressed in that film which was made over 20 years ago still affect us today, having a new film that addresses these issues while capturing the audience the same way the original did will certainly be a plus for cinema! Also, imagine having Cuba Gooding Jr. reprise his role as Tre, only older and wiser, doing what his father, “Furious” Styles did, being the older and wiser man who kicks knowledge to the younger men in the area. Sounds like gold to me!

4)Dead Presidents

With a timeless story and an iconic robbery scene, Dead Presidents is a film that was considered a modern day classic of it's time. Not just relying on being a crime movie, the plot made you feel for the main character, showing his life from high school graduation, fighting in Vietnam, to finally coming home, struggling to provide for his wife and daughter. It was the movies ability to showcase how life could push a man and his crew to pull off what many would consider a suicide mission in order to put food on the table. A modern day retelling that shows an inside look at the life of a young black man coming home from Afghanistan would definitely do the original film justice with the right director and talented actor on board!

5)Tales from the Hood

Although we do not get to see a lot of horror films with a predominately black cast, Tales from the Hood is a considered a cult classic that we're proud to claim. Considering that we have been seeing many reboots of horror franchises, this is one that definitely deserves a remake. Imagine having replacing the campy humor we appreciated and the cheap CGI with a more serious tone, and special effects that are able to have us jumping in our seats. This would be a great opportunity to not only scare audiences, but tackle certain issues within our community the same way the original did. 

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