These are the New 7 Wonders Cities, The List Is LIT !

September 23, 2016 12:00 PM

Kim Lee Baker

Lifestyle Writer

These are the New7Wonders Cities, The List Is LIT !

The New7Wonders is a movement established to enforce unity and highlight the cultural diversity of the Planet. The wonders are categorized by New7Wonders of The World, New7Wonders of Nature and yes, The New7Wonders Cities.

The Cities competition began with 1,200 nominees from 220 countries. Much buzzed about Seoul and Istanbul were on the finalist list. Our own Chicago made the group of 28, as well.

The world voted, here’s your seven. Pack your bags!

1.    Havana, Cuba —Cuba seems to be the reigning king of everyone’s travel list. After almost 50 years of no-go, the gates are open. As of June, 6 commercial airlines received the green light, for direct flights from The States, to cities like Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. Havana’s got next, with direct flights expected this fall. Jet Blue’s planning has routes from JFK, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

2.    La Paz, Bolivia —La Paz is incredibly scenic and is also famous for it’s The Witches' Market (El Mercado de las Brujas), run by area witch doctors. Be prepared to make the steep climbs to enjoy the spectacular views.


3.    Vigan, Philippines — Absolutely unique, this Spanish colonial town in Asia, transports you to 16th century Europe. The Tres de Mayo Celebration is one of the biggest events in the country.

4.    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia —Southeast Asia’s beaches, food and culture seem to maintain popularity. Kuala Lumpur has a mighty aggressive development plan in place, adding 12 (yes 12) new skyscrapers by 2020. In 2026, a high-speed rail connecting Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is expected to be up and running. The 20s in KL, big.

5.    Durban, South Africa — Ok, Durban … we see you! Not only is Max’s Lifestyle on Conde Nast’s 2016, Best Restaurants In The World list, but Essence is also hosting it’s first, International Festival there in November.

6.    Doha, Qatar — The shine from Doha has been around, for a bit. Very likely, the increased volume of 5 star hotel names taking real estate, didn’t hurt Doha’s placement on the list of 7.

7.    Beirut, Lebanon —Palm Trees and a reach-out-and-touch-it view of the Mediterranean from The Corniche is a highlight of this Wonder City. Add Raouche's Pigeons' Rock to your visit and you’ll probably forget you booked a trip for the Lebanese eats.


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