Miguel's down low lover has been REVEALED! We have CONFIRMED that he's dating…

January 16, 2016 10:00 AM

Monya Fleming

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Miguel Is Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend Nazanin Mandi [PHOTOS]

It's about time! Miguel is engaged to his girlfriend of more than 10 years, Nazanin Mandi. She showed off her large diamond engagement ring on Monday in an Instagram post.

There were engagement rumors swirling around the new year when the couple went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. The only actual evidence fans could find was Mandi thanking people for their well wishes on Instagram.

“When you get all dolled up but decide to stay in… Eat… and watch A Haunting. Thank you for the trim @1littlemonster @carltonhairmdr,” the model captioned the photo.

Miguel has yet to make a formal announcement, but that huge sparkler has done the talking for him!

.... When you get all dolled up but decide to stay in .... Eat .... And watch A Haunting👻Thank you for the Trim @1littlemonster @carltonhairmdr ✨

A photo posted by NAZANIN (@nazaninmandi) on

Miguel and Nazanin have been together since he was 18-years-old. He has been asked about their long romance and many years together, saying in 2012, "We don’t count that.”

... I feel like we've been on Survivor for a week ... & we survived😝From waking up with a Gecko to ending up in a DR emergency room😩🌚 we did THAT💁🏽& I wouldn't want to take this adventure with anyone else✨

A photo posted by NAZANIN (@nazaninmandi) on

The 30-year-old "Wild Heart" singer has previously spoken about not wanting to rush into tying the knot.

Miguel told Hot 97 in May of last year that he felt no pressure to pop the question, even though others have wanted him to for many years.

The singer said, “I don’t feel pressure because I know that when I commit, I really commit. Now it’s just thrown around because it’s so easy to breakup. And I’m just not that kind of person. I’m just not gonna do that. I wouldn’t do that to her. That’s just not how I was raised. I just don’t feel like that would be honorable.”

He continued, “I’m wild at heart. I just follow my instincts…I think she’s learned that and she’s had to adjust and had to learn and also embrace. And I love her more for that.”

An insider stated, "Nazanin and Miguel are really excited to get married! They've been together for some time and knew that they were going to spend their lives together. All of their friends and family think they are the best couple and really complement each other."

A source close to the couple revealed that Miguel’s proposal was “very heartfelt and real” and “done perfectly.”

The source adds that Miguel will belt out a song dedicated to his new wife at their upcoming wedding.

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