Report: Mary J. Blige & Estranged Husband Hit With $1.7 Million Tax Lien

September 12, 2017 8:05 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

Mary J. Blige, who is still embroiled in a nasty divorce with her cheating husband Kendu Isaacs, was just slapped with a tax lien by the IRS for nearly $2 million.

The singer and her estranged husband owe $1,764,724 in unpaid taxes. The Internal Revenue Service has now hit the former couple with a tax lien. 

If Blige and Isaacs don't cough up the money due for the unpaid taxes, they could face the IRS seizing their homes, cash, and other assets to settle the debt. 

This isn't the first time Blige has been in trouble with the tax man. Last year, the singer paid off a tax debt to the state of New Jersey for $166,292. Blige also had to settle another tax debt in 2007 for a whopping $1.9 million.

Blige, who filed for divorce from Isaacs in July 2016 after 12 years of marriage, was ordered in June to pay her estranged husband and former manager $30,000 a month in temporary spousal support. 

Kendu previously requested $110k per month in spousal support from the singer in order to keep up his lavish lifestyle. He requested the support to cover his personal chef, trainer, and even child support for children from his previous relationship. 


Blige later revealed that her husband had cheated on her and attempted to pass off over $400K that he spent on his mistress as "business expenses."

Mary spoke to Variety recently as she promoted her movie, "Mudbound", calling her estranged husband a "con artist."

The singer said, "I'm doing OK. I'm living. I'm not happy about a lot of things. I thought someone loved me, right? Turns out, he was a con artist and he didn't, and now he's coming after me for all my money. 

"When you come out of something like that, you realize you were never the one. There was someone else that was his queen. I got played. I got suckered. I have to keep smiling and keep my spirits up because this is designed to kill me." 

Blige reveals she used her bad experience to help her portray her character in "Mudbound." She explained, "I used a lot of my own heaviness from my own misery that I was living in that horrible marriage," she said. "I was just dying in it. I knew something was wrong. I just couldn't prove it. I just had all the heaviness of not feeling right, not feeling good. I gave it to Florence."

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