This custody update breaks our hearts. We feel AWFUL that Lyfe Jennings has to go through this.

November 20, 2016 9:18 PM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

This custody update breaks our hearts. We feel AWFUL that Lyfe Jennings has to go through this.

Recently, Lyfe Jennings has been blasting his baby mama for refusing him visitation with his kids. The singer has headed to court pleading with the judge to order he be allowed time with them, while also denying allegations he hurt their mental & emotional health.

The singer and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star denies all allegations saying he violated the previous court order. Throughout the years, he claims that he has exercised liberal parenting time with his kids, until recently, when Joy Bounds, (the mother to two of his children), began wrongfully refusing to allow him to see them. Lyfe wants the judge to order a visitation schedule so she can’t refuse him. He asks that the motion for contempt be denied and that she pay his legal bills.

Joy filed a petition for contempt in a Georgia Court. The two battled it out in court over custody and support years ago, with a final order being entered into their case back in 2009. Per the 2009 court order, Lyfe was ordered to maintain life insurance for his kids and pay the medical expenses. 

However, since the order was entered, Joy says Lyfe has made her life hell by refusing to provide proof of life insurance, not paying his kid’s medical expenses, along with negatively intervening in the kid’s religious beliefs and teachings and has intervened in their emotional and mental health. So, Joy was awarded primary physical AND legal custody of their kids. She was granted the power to make all important life decisions for her sons. The singer was awarded only visitation in the order. He was also ordered to pay $4k a month in support to Joy for their boys.

Yeowch. I know reality stars in general don’t bank THAT much money, so $4K a month has got to be a hit to the pocket book. I suspect Lyfe does well, but child support decisions are made at the PEAK of your earning with no adjustable fixed rate. Meaning, if you are pulling down a lot of bread when you get divorced, that settlement amount does NOT change if you subsequently begin to make LESS money in the future.

Bounds also sued, demanding Lyfe be found in contempt of court for violating the 2009 order and wanted the judgeto order him to comply. Also, earlier this year, the singer was hit with a restraining order which required that he stay 200 yards away from Joy and their 2 children.

According to her petition, she accused Lyfe of trying to brainwash their boys (with what? Scientology? Communism?) and even threatened her with violence. The singer was arrested back in 2008 for allegedly kicking down Joy’s home door, firing shots, and proceeding to lead police on a high speed chase. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Bounds claimed she feared for her safety after Lyfe made light threats including telling his baby mama she wasn’t hard to find and told her after an incident: “I’m gonna remember this.”

Lyfe claimed he was a good father and others would back up his claim. Which maybe true, but apparently he’s not such a good husband. Whatever Lyfe may have done to this woman, it’s clear she has an axe to grind and she’s going to grind it between Lyfe's ass.

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