OMG! Kim Kardashian shares a picture of her baby boy and it's ADORABLE! Click here to see!

March 15, 2016 9:30 AM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Written by Matt Stacey:

OMG! Kim Kardashian shares a picture of her baby boy and it's ADORABLE! [PHOTOS]

Recently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s have been so very kind as to bless us mere mortals with a few choice pictures of their exquisite second child together.

And I'm NOT being sarcastic.  because despite what those two may get into (countdown to Kanye taking credit for the creation of the Universe), that kid of theirs is the most adorable little angel to ever escape Heaven. 

I mean, if cuteness were illegal, I'd have that that 3-month old thrown in tiny, cute baby jail for LIFE. 

And I'd be doing him and everyone else a favor, because that's how we ALL want to remember Saint West. So precious and perfect.

Twenty years from now we'd all still be babbling fondly of him in the past tense: "Man, remember Saint West? He was too good to be out amongst us lowly peasants. That day his cuteness  brought ISIS to its knees was a turning point in history."

And Kim could sell replicas of the larger than life Saint choker necklace she's been spotted wearing out around in Los Angeles. That 18-karat white gold, $10,000 accessory that spells out her son’s name would be selling like hotcakes.

Oh, and every 5 years... when Saint would come up parole from baby jail, here's my argument to keep him in. Two words. Three syllables:

Jaden Smith.

Just let that shit sink in for a minute. 

Yep. I'm sure Jaden was a super cute baby too. WAS. Because now, Jaden is known to serve up huge plates of 'bat-shit wacko'... with a side of 'wtf'.

So if Saint grows up parented by the dynamic duo of Kim and Kanye (and a mansion filled with 50 or so maids and butlers) 20 years from now, Saint is going to leave us with a very different memory. One day you'll click on your hologram TV and there will be Saint: wearing a baby seal fur coat and chain mail thong, standing on top of an igloo, shaking his 3D fist at the sky, daring Jesus to a 'one-on-one' arm wrestling match... 

And we'll all just be shaking our heads, thinking, "Remember when Saint was the cutest damn thing since CareBears?"

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