Keyshia Cole Claps Back At Backlash From Fans Over Shading Janet Jackson

September 11, 2017 12:28 PM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

Janet Jackson fans don't easily forgive and forget, as Keyshia Cole found out recently. Janet's fan took aim at Cole for performing one of Jackson's hit songs, years after throwing shade.

Keyshia's past comments came back to haunt her after a video of her performing "I Get Lonely" went viral on social media. 

Her decision to perform Janet's song rubbed fans the wrong way, after she admitted years ago that she didn't listen to Jackson's music.

Keyshia recently performed Janet's song and her fans were here for it! However, some people believed the move was hypocritical. 

Some of Janet's fans took to social media to blast Keyshia:

User janetloves4ever wrote, "She sure did.... that's why I deleted from my page because how you gonna talk negative but then use her song.. but we forgetting that it's keyshia Cole slaw ... she hates on everybody that's why she's in love and hip hop now. And also she posted this same video on her page and ppl where shading her because of what she said.... that's why she took it down because she thought ppl forgot."

User one_unique_artist commented, "I was not feeling when she said that. I stop (sic) buying her music. Not because she don't listen to Janet it was the way she said it with such hate. I never bought another keyshia cole album again. But what I can respect now. Yes everyone has done and said things they regret. Everybody makes mistakes. But it takes a real women to correct them. I let her off the hook for this. I can dig it. People grow..."

Wavy super 🌊<

Jackson's fans felt some kind of way due to Cole's remarks in a 2009 interview. Keyshia was being asked about her favorite music artists and was asked about Janet Jackson. The singer replied, "Who? I don't listen to Janet Jackson either."

However, Keyshia went on to state that she listens to Tupac. She said his music gets her through a lot of the bad days. Cole said, "When I get home, when I'm riding in my car, or when I'm by myself I listen to Tupac."

Keyshia's remarks weren't supposed to really come across as a diss. She was simply stating the artists’ she listens to daily. 

Keyshia Cole Responds to Backlash from Janet Jackson’s Fans. Click the link in the bio for details. #KeyshiaCole #JanetJackson

Cole caught wind of the recent backlash over singing Janet's song, responding on Twitter. 

Keyshia wrote, "Stop digging up 💩from OVER 10 years ago. I'm way more mature than I used 2?be. the things I said back then. Do not reflect how I feel 2day."

Gotta stay Prayed up. 🙏🏽

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