Y'all see this in the news about Karrueche and Marques Houston?! Good gawd all mighty!

March 30, 2016 8:30 AM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Written by Matt Stacey:

Y'all see this in the news about Karrueche and Marques Houston?! Good gawd all mighty!

Actors Karrueche Tran And Marques Houston recently stopped by an LA morning news show to discuss their new flick, A Weekend With the Family.

The romantic comedy (which does look funny), centers around a couple (Karrueche and Marques) who try to find ways to integrate the two different cultures of their respective families. 

As the inevitable culture clash Marques' character must endure when his less sophisticated family meets his fiance's more cultured family... Meet the Fockers-type hijinks ensue.

And from what I gathered from the trailer, I can appreciate this kind of film as they are not so much poking fun at the race difference, but the class difference. 

When asked if they had ever experienced something like what their characters go through in the film, both Marques and Karrueche said that they had “never experienced” anything like it in their personal lives. Karrueche added jokingly, “Especially not like his parents.”

It's the elephant in the room, but more and more I believe EVERYONE is slowly coming around to the notion that when talking about what divides us, "money and/or class supersedes race". 

And it's nice to see a film make light of that instead of taking the easy and obvious route, zeroing in ONLY on the race difference.

As a white dude, my own pettiness and/or dysfunction doesn't lie with the fact my cousins in Oklahoma are Indian or Mexican, or some of which I have NO idea WHAT the Hell they are?! (Peruvian? Mayan? Martian?).

Instead, (and this is me being very real... and honestly, kind of a dick) my prejudices hide in the fact they are so damn ignorant and uneducated. They didn't take advantage of college grants, based off their Indian-ness, to improve their education. It just never occurred to them.

Most Thanksgivings, I fly into Oklahoma with my sister for "the big family meal" and we both grit our teeth through one ridiculously, IQ-dropping escapade after another.

My cousin, Quentin (aka: career criminal, 'San' Quentin) is Cherokee. I could give a crap. One way or the other. His race, your race, any one's race doesn't bother me.

What does bother me is when no one can find the knife to carve the turkey and then Quentin says, "No problem", then pulls out his butterfly knife, makes it do a fancy little dance... then stabs the mf turkey and slices it right down the middle. 

At this point, my sister usually stares at me - wide eyed - with a look that says, "This just happened. This is our family.  How do we ditch them?"

And that's one of the less embarrassing moments I've endured at the hands of my family.

But anywho... 

It seems writers Chaz Echols, Marques Houston (along with co-writer, director Chris Stokes) have done a nice job in A Weekend With the Family tapping into that particular aspect of culture clash. And I applaud them.

Now If Karrueche ever wants to go "method" with her acting, and really get the "dysfunctional family experience" she is more than welcome to come visit my cousins in Oklahoma where Quentin can explain to her the finer points of butterfly knife safety. 

And how he was "framed" for attempted man-slaughter. 

If my cousins had gotten an education (paid for by the government) maybe they wouldn't do things that drive my sister and I insane. But instead... my cousins are idiots.

No matter what color they are.

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