Joseline Hernandez Has Something To Get Off Of Her Chest As She Shades 50 Cent On Social Media

June 12, 2018 10:51 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

Looks like the Puerto Rican Princess is coming with all the smoke! 

Former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star, Joseline Hernandez, is known for speaking her mind, but fans are waiting with bated breath for 50 Cent's possible response to her diss!

Joseline never hesitates to involve herself in messy situations and decided to jump into the comments section of Fiddy's recent Instagram post. 

The "Power" star had shared a photo of himself and Brooklyn rapper, Tekashi69, after being spotted hanging out with the "Kooda" rapper recently.

50 commented on the image, joking about possibly being the social media star's father.

Fiddy wrote in the caption, "[You’re] not gonna believe this but I dated a Mexican girl back in the day. I took a blood test and just found out 69’s my son. No wonder he act like that. #getthestrap."

The Shade Room reposted the photo to their Instagram account, where Joseline threw shade at the pair. 

The Puerto Rican Princess commented, "Mas como su novio. Hombres ni hombres."

Her remark made in Spanish reportedly translates to reading, "More like your boyfriend."

Oop! #Joseline had something to say about #50Cents Tweet 👀 she says “more like your boyfriend”

One fan explained 50's "get the strap" hashtag, writing, "That whole get the strap thing is because 50 is scared of Lisa Bloom. After the first time he said it, it was taken as a threat and he caught a lawsuit. Now he’s using it as a catch phrase to make it look like it wasn’t a threat, just something he always says. 50 is a joke. 'LOOK JUDGE ITS IN ALL MY POSTS.'"

Who really are you.....

Joseline obviously took the term to mean something very different!

Fans jumped into the comments to weigh in on what could be a very exciting feud:

One follower wrote, "Wait she don’t want it with @50cent either way I’m soo here for the tea let the jokes begin."

A second fan commented, "Joseline may be about that lie but I feel like 50 would body her. He funny. Although this comment was really funny...I will now wait for his response *grabs Vic's popcorn and diet Pepsi*."

I stay ready I’m bossed up!

Joseline may have been seeking attention with the remark or just having fun poking the bear. However, fans aren't certainly hoping Fiddy will respond and expect this to get messy!

One follower wrote, "Lol yall think Joseline aint ready for a lil smoke with 50? I think this is a match that we would all be entertained by for years to come."

A second fan posted, "She ain't lying though so y'all can say how petty 50 is all day. We know this cus he petty enough not to claim his first born 🤷🏽♀️ NEXT STORY."

Some fans suggest Joseline can hold her own and would be a great match for Fiddy's savage disses.

A follower noted, "Ummm I don't think 50 want it with Joseline. She know what she doing and can get him in Spanish, and he won't know what hit him. Josephine don't play and is a firecracker, you remember how she dragged Steebie and Mimi back in the day."

#6ix9ine responds to #50cent calling him his son.

Do you hope that 50 Cent will respond to Joseline's comment? There's no doubt it will be entertaining!

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