Jhené Aiko Details Interesting First Date Story With Big Sean …While Her Soon-To-Be Husband Waited At Home

February 13, 2018 10:05 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

Jhene Aiko spoke to BBC radio recently about the start of her relationship with Big Sean, admitting she went on a date with him while she was already in a relationship.

Aiko stated that they had been friends for some time before they ever became romantic. They collaborated on music together and Big Sean asked her out on a date to a basketball game. She decided to go even though she was in a relationship, but insists it was just as friends. However, she admits that Sean behaved as if they were on a romantic date.

She shared, "We became friends the year that my brother passed. I had just met him and we worked on "Beware" and "I’m Gonna Be." He wanted to take me out on a date. I had a boyfriend but I still went. It was to a basketball game. But just as a friend. I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll go.’ I had never been courtside to a game and he’s cool. I told my boyfriend, ‘I’m going to go.’ Me and my boyfriend we were like splitting up. We weren’t on good terms. He was just like, ‘Whatever.’ It was like that between us. But he was still my boyfriend so I wasn’t going to do anything with Sean or be disrespectful."

TWENTY88 x @FlauntMagazine. shot by @AnWande

A photo of her and Big Sean was released and a blog reported that the pair were dating. However, by that time she found out that her boyfriend was actually married with a family. She discovered the lie after the mother of her man’s child called her and outed him.

Jhene revealed, "He was married, secretly. I didn’t know. He was married to his baby’s mother. They hadn’t been together but he wouldn’t give her a divorce. I found this out because she basically told me. It was scandalous. Because I had found that out, I was like ‘I don’t know if I can trust you because you’ve been married this whole time and you didn’t tell me.’ So anyway, we broke up. Then I was like, ‘I’m just going to see what Sean is talking about.'"

The only problem was that Sean had already started dating another woman. 

Aiko said, "I’m a very trusting person, unfortunately most the time. It’s a clean slate for me no matter who you are, no matter what anyone has said. Sometimes that’s not the best way to go about it but that’s just my personality. I don’t really think about stuff like that when I just meet a person."

There have been rumors circulating for some time that Aiko had cheated on her husband, Dot Da Genius. The singer was married to Dot from 2014 until 2016 when she filed for divorce, which was finalized in October. 

Jhene has denied cheating and claimed the date with Big Sean happened before she ever married Dot. 

In October, fans were shocked when Jhene got a tattoo of Big Sean’s face on her arm days after her divorce from Dot was finalized. 

The tattoo artist shared the photo on her Instagram account. "Art is [love]," she wrote. "Thanks Jhené for allowing me to share this moment."
Art is ❤️thanks Jheńe for allowing me to share this moment.

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