OH, LAWD! Our girl Taraji Just Got Sucked Into Boyfriend's Child Support Case!

March 30, 2016 2:00 PM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Written by Matt Stacey:

OH, LAWD! Our girl Taraji Just Got Sucked Into Boyfriend's Child Support Case!

Empire actress, Taraji P. Henson’s real-life drama is making headlines as she and her rumored NFL boyfriend, Kelvin Hayden, Jr. (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons), have hit a little bump in their relationship road. 

And by "bump", I mean "giant sinkhole".

See, the mother of Hayden's child, Carla Boyd, has been fighting over child support. They have been able to come to the agreement Hayden will pay $3,500 monthly for the child’s care. But if for some reason, Hayden doesn’t pay child support, Boyd can’t use it against him and stop him from spending time with their child. Hayden is also required to to cover the child’s health insurance and set up a trust fund for his education. Cool?


But Henson is ALSO involved in their agreement. It seems all parties have agreed (in the court documents), that the child is not allowed to call anyone else “mommy” or “daddy” other than his biological parents.

Henson will have to agree to these terms if she and Hayden ever decide to get hitched.

Now, I know you may not think this is such a huge deal at first, but considering how much time Hayden would be spending with his kid on weekends (and every other Wednesday, according to documents) it will not take long for the uncomfortable weirdness to settle in on Henson.

Let me explain.

She's an ACTRESS. And if you know any actresses, they do NOT like it when they are not getting all the attention. Believe me. Talk to any guy who has ever dated a famous actress and he will tell you, "It was great. But NEVER AGAIN."  

Ladies, the unfortunate evidence seems to show you will put up with that crap from famous guys over and over, but us fellas just don't care. 

Plain and simple. Our superficiality is limited to 'looks'. Yours is 'power and fame'. Which is. admittedly. much stronger. 

So moving on...

Henson will NOT be at center stage every time this kid shows up at their house. And now, this kid will never ever... (*in my Chris Tucker voice:) NEVER EVER-EVER-EVER call her "mom".

And if you think playing second fiddle to Hayden's baby momma will not get on Henson's nerves by year two or three... then you just don't know people, amigo.

At some point Cookie will go nuclear on this whole scenario. Maybe not, 'Left-Eye Lopes DEF-CON 5" level nuclear... but trust me: expensive things will be thrown at one another.
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