5 Black Female Super Heroes We Need To See On The Big Screen

September 22, 2016 12:51 PM

Christopher Mobley

Lifestyle Writer

5 Black Female Super Heroes We Need To See On The Big Screen

In recent years, we have not only seen an influx of superheroes movies, but many African American actors playing the roles of superheroes in film and television as well. Chadwick Boseman Don Cheadle and Anthony Mackie all stared in Marvel's Civil War. Mike Colter will be the star of the highly anticipated Netflix series, Luke Cage. These are just a few of the black heroes being portrayed on television. However, being a superhero isn't just a man's job, and there are many strong black super-heroines that can kick butt just as well as their male counterparts! Here are 5 Black female superheroes we want to see on the big screen. 

RiRi Williams, A.K.A. “IronHeart” (Marvel Comics)

RiRi Williams is a 15 year old engineering student who proves her intelligence by building her own version of the IronMan suit. After using her suit to prevent two inmates from escaping prison, she gains the attention of Tony Stark, endorsing her ambitions to become a super hero. A strong positive portrayal of a black female teenager, we would love to see her portrayed on the big screen. Hopefully, the next IronMan theatrical release will show Tony Stark meeting and mentoring Williams on the big screen!

Vixen (DC Comics)

First appearing in Action Comics #521, published by DC Comics, Vixen's back story involves her growing up in a small African village, and moving to America to become a model in New York City. She later travels to Africa to obtain the Tantu Totem, which gives her the power to draw upon the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on the planet. Whether it's gaining the ability to fly like a bird, or shape shifting into a fierce wolf, Vixen can gain the these incredible abilities just by focusing on the animal she wants to mimic! The character is portrayed by Megalyn Echikunwoke on The CW's Arrow, as well as her own titular web series. However, Echikunwoke has stated a possibility for Vixen to spin out on her own live-action series, or join the characters on The CW's Legends Of Tomorrow. While this sounds great, we would also love to see Vixen on the big screen!

Jill Carlyle A.K.A  “Crimson Avenger” (DC Comics)

While this character has had gone through multiple incarnations, the most recent character to become the Crimson Avenger is Jill Caryle, who is a former lawyer who possesses the power to teleport. She also uses a pair of Colt pistols that never miss, never runs out of ammunition and can even wound seemingly indestructible characters such as superman. However, the only drawback to her weapons; they are cursed so that anyone who uses them for revenge, which she does against a criminal that beat the system, the user is cursed to track and kill those who have taken the lives of the innocent. With an interestingly dark back story and motivation, we would love to see this character bring justice to the innocent in live-action!

Monica Rambeau (Marvel)

As the first black female Avenger, and one time leader of the Avengers, Monica Rambeau already has an impressive resume. Going through several name changes, her most recent and popular incarnation see's her as the leader the Nextwave team. After being exposed to extra-dimensional energy while trying to prevent the creation of a dangerous weapon, Rambeau gained the ability to convert her body to energy. This gives her abilities such as controls over gamma rays, X-rays, and electricity, as well as invisibility. On top of these skills, she's also an excellent marksman and unarmed combatant with strong leadership skills. Being a part of Captain America's team during the Civil War comic series, it would be interesting to see Monica Rambeau on the big screen in one of Marvel's future releases. 

Raquel Ervin, A.K.A. “Rocket” (DC)

Raquel Ervin is young black woman from an impoverished neighborhood who yearned to be the next Toni Morrison before discovering the stranded super powered alien being, Icon, and becoming his sidekick. Her story starts off sounding interesting, continuing to gain more traction as it deals with many other issues on top of the villains she must face. From having her first child to helping a fellow superhero kick a drug addiction, her story arcs often shows that she is able to deal with problems instead of the storylines simply becoming sob stories. Raquel Ervin has big screen potential, not just because of her powers (which include super strength and the ability to manipulate energy), but also because of the characters ability to tackle real life issues in a realistic manner. 

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