What Are Some Of Your Favorite R&B Singers From The 90's Up To Today?

October 13, 2016 12:30 PM

Christopher Mobley

Lifestyle Writer

What Are Some Of Your Favorite R&B Singers From The 90's Up To Today?

It's what many may consider the best time in R&B. The 90's not only lead to a lot of our favorite R&B hits that we still love to this day, but also brought us many superstars that have stayed in the mainstream spotlight until this very day. However, there are many R&B singers from this era that we miss and long to hear on the radio again. Some have completely left the industry, while others work in the background and maybe even dropped a comeback album low-key. Here's what some of your favorite singers from the 90's are up to today.

1)Kieth Sweat
He's the man who wasn't too proud to beg, and ladies weren't to proud to scream (and possibly throw their panties on stage) when he started singing. In the late 80's and 90's he was one of the top acts, with hits such as “Make It Last Forever”, “Twisted”, and “Nobody”. With nearly 30 years worth of hits, the legend is still keeping fans happy with tours, and even working on a new album, titled Dress To Impress. Even though he's 55, he can still give these young bucks a run for their money!

2)Soul For Real
These four brothers tackled the R&B charts and the hearts of teenage girls across the country in the mid 90's with their hits “Candy Rain” and “Every Little Thing I Do”. However, recent years have been hard for the group with the untimely passing of their mentor, Heavy D, and even one of the members doing time in prison for identity theft in 2009. Despite these hardships, the group is back, still together and still releasing new music in 2016!

Everybody remembers Xscape for their hit singles “Just Kickin It” and “Who Can I Run To” (which was recently sampled in Luke Nasty's “Might Be”). Fans of the talent 90's girl group can easily recognize two of the members on television today, with Tameka “Tiny” Cottle appearing on TV with her husband TI and Kandi Burruss being a regular Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But what about Tamika and Latocha? Latocha is currently working on her sophomore album after years of having her own solo career with her own singles and appearing on Trick Daddy's Thug Holiday. Tamika has since turned to acting, starring in films such as BET's Strangers In My House, and his currently touring with the gospel stage play Shhh, Please Dont Tell. 

4)Donnell Jones
Donnell Jones is known for his smooth tracks such as his cover of Stevie Wonder's “Knocks Me off My Feet”, “You Know What's Up”, “Where I Wanna Be” and other hits that he made during his time at LaFace. After years in the game and multiple albums, including 2013's Forever, Donnell Jones is still on tour and working on a new album. 

If you never listened to “Incomplete” or Dru Hill's “Beauty” while chilling with your boo, then you were probably single for all of the 90's. Matter of fact, even a few of the millennials remember the remember that “Thong Song” was a smash hit in the 90's. So what exactly has Sisqo been doing since those days? Pushing back against politics within the music business and being black-listed by the mainstream industry are the main reasons Sisqo decided to take a hiatus of over 12 years. However, he has recently came back into the picture with his own independent label, Dragon Music Group, as well as touring with Dru Hill. We can't wait to see what “The Dragon” has up his sleeve!

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