‘Greenleaf’ Star Asia’h Epperson Reacts To People Still Dragging Her For T.I. Affair

March 08, 2019 6:49 AM
As my Aunt would say, "Oh No Baby, What Is You Doing?"

Greenleaf star Asia’h Epperson’s relationship with T.I. was exposed during the premiere of the rapper’s revamped reality show, T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.

And, of course, viewers flocked to chime in on the situation over on Asia’h’s Instagram. 

The episode in question saw Tiny confront her husband about the clip of him grabbing Asia’h’s glutes. You know the one, we are sure. It was reportedly recorded at one of his concerts back in June. 

The program even showed Asia’h when the subject was being introduced, though her face was (sort of?) censored.

“Why so serious?…” Asia’h had captioned a photo uploaded on Instagram —the same day the cheating episode aired.

Why so serious?...

Fans had plenty of thoughts to share with the actress.
“Are you going to address the @troubleman31 video since the picture on the show showed that it was you sis?”

“@_angelicakae that’s old news we all knew it was her.”

“After last nights @familyhustle we see it wasn’t serious at all. Praying your husband never puts you through that & still a fan! Loved you in the Bobby Brown bio. Congratulations.”

“@hunny_ddh still sad. But glad it’s clear it wasn’t serious however Mrs. Harris was hurt. Ms. Epperson has more integrity than this.”

“@hunny_ddh i knew it was old but the fact that they showed her picture with just her eyes crossed out was a shot.”

Well, Asia’h is no stranger to sending out cryptic messages. The next day, she shared a snap of herself, writing, “Take it from me, don’t be caged by the opinions of others. Stay true to yourself and stand tall above the bull[ish]. 💯”

Take it from me, don’t be caged by the opinions of others. Stay true to yourself and stand tall above the bull[ish]. 💯

In late September, the actress shared a photo of herself for her followers when a user (@jamesbeenhaddat95) accused the Greenleaf star of being a ‘homewrecker’. 

Asiah's response was interesting. Instead of outright DENYING the allegations that she slept with a marriage man, she opted to instead take shots at HIS MARRIAGE

In response, she clapped back saying: ‘A homewrecker I would never be. Not my style! I’m into building baby! However, on another note… Just so you know, you can’t wreck a wrecked home.’

“Asia’h majorly regrets commenting online about TI. She has a short temper and is a very passionate person, things that T.I. likes about her, but her attitude also gets her into trouble sometimes,” a source shared a few weeks ago. 

“She was offended, and she felt disrespected by some online bullies coming at her with misinformation, so Asia’h snapped, clapping back and trying to defend herself. She deleted most of her comments quickly, but did not think screenshots would get out so fast.”

Indeed. Do you think that people should leave Asia’h alone?

Season 2 of T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle returns to VH1 this summer.

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