Dutchess Shades 'Black Ink Crew' Amid Rumors She's Been Let Go From The Show

September 24, 2017 8:20 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

Dutchess, who previously starred on "Black Ink Crew" with her former boyfriend Ceaser, is moving on with her life and appears to be putting the reality show in her rearview mirror. 

Did Dutchess throw shade at the reality show in a recent Instagram post?

The stunning tattoo artist previously admitted she wasn't sure about returning to "BIC" and is now keeping busy with several projects. 

Dutchess’ tattoo shop in Charlotte, Pretty N’ Ink, has been doing well and has its share of celebrity clients.

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In addition, Dutchess has landed herself a spot on the radio. The inked-up star landed her own radio show on Charlotte’s 92.7 The Block!

Her radio show airs every Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. Dutchess discusses the latest in celebrity gossip and plays some great music during the live show in her native Charlotte, South Carolina. 

The Program Director for Radio One Charlotte, Mary K., said in a statement, “I am thrilled to have Dutchess join the 92.7 The Block team! She has a great energy, contagious spirit, generous heart and immeasurable talents.”

Doug James, Vice President and General Manager of Radio One Charlotte added, “Dutchess is an exceptional artist and media personality. We are very excited that she is bringing her talents to our fantastic line-up on 92.7 The Block.”

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Dutchess had a pretty bad experience on the fifth season of "Black Ink Crew." Her split from Ceaser played out on the show. There were also rumors swirling that Dutchess had been hooking up with two other guys while she was with Ceaser, with one rumored to be Zack Sanchez of the Carolina Panthers.

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Dutchess was asked several months ago about her future on "Black Ink Crew." 

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She responded, "Oh, this is probably my last season of Black Ink Crew! I’m praying to God that he can make that possible—that he can bring that to fruition. You gotta think about it like this, nobody at Black Ink likes me; they never have. I was in love with Cease. Cease was the boss. Because I was putting Cease in a position to where he had to make some changes, if he wanted to be with me, they couldn’t deal with that [expletive. Now that I’m gone, I got everybody against me—all because I decided that I was unhappy in an unhealthy relationship. If your friends call me a [expletive], I’m so sorry, but that’s an unhealthy relationship. Nobody should be disrespected by your friends; I don’t have a relationship with them. So, because I was unhappy in an unhealthy relationship, I deserve to be dragged through the mud because I chose that wasn’t what’s best for me? I’m sorry...So, you saw me on the TV, miserable and depressed—looking all [expletive] up, not taking care of myself, and you wondering why? You tell me what you would do in a situation you know you’re miserable in, but they’re telling you that you can’t get out of it."

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Dutchess appears to be grateful that she put the reality show in the past. Fans believe she may have been throwing a little shade at "BIC" with her recent post on Instagram.

Dutchess wrote in the caption, "I've grown to realize that all money ain't good money. Stay authentic & genuine & live in your truth & not a facade accompanied by fabricated stories!"

When one of her followers asked her if she was throwing shade, Dutchess said she is just "living in her truth":

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