Draya makes a life-changing decision. For the sake and welfare of her son, the reality star has decided to...

January 26, 2016 8:00 AM

Monya Fleming

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Draya Michele Focuses On Teen Son's Birthday Amid Orlando Scandrick Cheating Scandal

Draya Michele's world was recently rocked when she discovered her baby daddy, Orlando Scandrick, cheated on her. The model and reality star is focusing her attention on their unborn child and her son Kniko, who turned 13-years-old over the weekend.

Michele had a birthday party for her son over the weekend and admitted she felt a bit odd about how the teen girls confirmed they would attend.

She tweeted, “All the girls are just now RSVPing…I feel some kinda way… jealous mom.”

She also shared a heartfelt post on Kniko's birthday, writing, "Welp, my baby is 13…..I love you and it’s been the most fulfilling experience to watch you grow.

“Welp, my baby is 13…..I love you and it’s been the most fulfilling experience to watch you grow. Kniko’s bday…#ThisPepTalkTho #AllTheseGirlsAtHisParty”

 Welp, my baby is 13 ...... I love you and it's been the most fulfilling experience in life to watch you grow. Kniko's bday #ThisPepTalkTho #AllTheseGirlsAtHisParty

Draya has to be feeling overwhelmed being pregnant and cheated on. The reality star confirmed that they split after he cheated on her during a wild trip to Las Vegas. She told one fan under a photo she posted on Instagram this week that reads, “Trust the timing of your life” that Scandrick went as far as being a jerk to her days before his Las Vegas vacation in hopes that she would break up with him. So he would be single when he left.

Michele added, "It’s a pattern. I gotta do better."

She then told another fan, “I left. Gave back the ring and left…. He just deleted photos.”

She also included the caption, “I’ve been hurt, abandoned, lied on, and disrespected. I’ve realized you can’t change people…And the thing about rough times is, I’ve survived every single one…”

Draya revealed she was halfway through her pregnancy, adding, "I have a son and another on the way, soon to be surrounded by 2 kings. Protectors.”

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