Wait... Did Remy Ma Just Diss Nicki Minaj?! [VIDEO]

September 19, 2016 3:56 PM

Jasmine Jackson

Feature Writer

Wait... Did Remy Ma Just Diss Nicki Minaj?! [VIDEO]

Uh oh, there may be some more rap beef coming our way! As if there wasn’t enough going on with Kid Cudi Vs. Kanye/Drake and then The Game with his ongoing battle with Meek Mill and Sean Kingston. So far it has been all about the fellas, but Meek’s lady may be finding herself in her own situation real soon.

New York’s own Remy Ma has been buzzing about Nicki for a few weeks now. She recently did an interview with “Essence Live interview” where she said the following: 

“No disrespect at all, but, what Nicki was doing was amazing. She was doing it so huge that I felt like it made other females feel like they couldn’t compete. Like I used to be sitting there like, ‘So no one’s going to put out any songs? No one is going to try to do anything?’”

Now you saw what she just said, she implied that nobody put out records to compete with Nicki. So when she came out on one of the many “All the Way Up” remixes and said:

“My swag, my flow, I stole it back

They mad, too bad, my shows is packed

My town, my crown, I really rap

I’m home, my throne, I spoil you that

When the bitch was gone, they was really playing with it

I was sitting listening, like, they ain’t even saying shit

Now the real is back, I see they all tryna change and shit

But it’s really too late now, I’m going back yo”

Sounds like she just told everybody how she really feels about the status of the rap game. Remy said that female rap throne doesn’t belong to Nicki because it is all hers. 

Buzz has gotten even bigger now after the recent taping of the 2016 #BetHipHopAwards. Remy of course had a spot in the Cypher and the bars she spit are being accused of Nicki Minaj disses. 

Here is the video, take a look and decide for yourself:

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