Report - Deion Sanders' Teenage Sons Say He Kicked Them Out Of The House

January 01, 2016 12:30 PM

Ebony Cooks

Freelance Writer

Report - Deion Sanders' Teenage Sons Say He Kicked Them Out Of The House On Christmas

Someone is being a GRENCH THIS YEAR and you won’t believe who it is! Deion Sanders CANCELLED CHRISTMAS this year when he kicked his Teenage sons out of his house! Both Young Men Shilo 13, Sheduer 15 went to visit their Father for Christmas. When the two arrived they were immediately shown the door; at the fault of a new found piercing their fathers discovered on the two young men! Shedeur stated it wasn’t “just about the piercing && its deeper than that.”

Sheduer claims first and shilo later retweets the two went to go see their father for Christmas as well as picking up their little sister Shelomi. Things got ugly after Deion found out about his sons new piercings and kicked them out while shouting “I wanna spend Christmas with my real kids.”
Here’s the thing, we’ve all been 15 and did things behind a certain parents back that the other wouldn’t allow us to do. That’s just the way things work! Good cop, bad cop somebodies gotta be the “mean” parent. Now do I think that disciplining the children could have waited until after Christmas? YES. Here’s where things get even more complicated. Do I feel Deion is wrong for kicking his disobeying child out of his house? No.  It’s all about respect and once you start disrespecting folk it’s time to get out the nest.

If I was Deion Sanders I would have to punish these boys until they got tired of being punished. Not only for going behind my back but going behind my back and spreading rumors to the world trying to make me out to be a villain (ouch.) There’s an old saying “Whatever happens in the family, stays in the family.” && Well let’s just say that definitely applies here. I think Deion needs to make that saying a new priority goal for his family this 2016.
I don’t know about the rest of the world…but to me this is normal parenting in these streets of Dallas.

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