Future reacts to Ciara's engagement to Russell Wilson. He sure had a few choice words to get off his chest...

March 16, 2016 2:00 PM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Future reacts to Ciara's engagement to Russell Wilson. He sure had a few choice words to get off his chest...

Remember when you heard your old fling was engaged to someone else (like a movie star or pro athlete) and had moved on with their life? So you shuffled over to a local IHOP (or Waffle House for everyone REALLY on the downhill slide) at 2am and you tried not to cry into your bowl of country gravy, while calling yer crew for emotional support?

No? Just me? 

Well, not all of us can be like the big boys who step it up a notch... and mend their hearts at the strip club.

Apparently TMZ caught “Stick Talk” rapper Future was hanging out at a place called 'Vlive Dallas', where it is rumored he spent $21,000 on strippers. 

His ex-fiancée Ciara began dating Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in April 2015. And when the singer and NFL star announced their engagement Friday night, Future was spotted shortly after, partying at the Dallas strip club. In a video posted on the outlet’s website, Future is seen walking through a large crowd, grooving to the music.

There's a "Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" joke in there somewhere. 

But I know that heartache, so far be it for me to kick a rapper when he's down. 

Future hasn’t directly responded to the Ciara-Wilson engagement news, but some fans think he might have thrown a little shade at it when he posted a photograph on Instagram with the caption, “See No EVOL.”

Clearly, Ciara and Future have NOT had the best relationship since their split. And a month ago, Ciara sued her ex for libel and slander after Future trash-talked his baby momma's relationship with Wilson on a radio show. During the interview, Future claimed that a photo in which Wilson was seen pushing Future’s and Ciara’s son in his stroller was nothing more than a photo opportunity for paparazzi.

“She probably set him up. You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts”, Future said.

And in a recent twitter rant, Future bashed his ex's parenting skills , claiming he had to “go through lawyers” to see Future Zahir.

Okay, wait a minute. 

You're in a strip club, Future. That doesn't exactly earn you "World's Greatest Dad" status.

And let's try not to spend all of little Zahir's college tuition in the Champagne Room while a Dallas DJ spins remixes of "Tony Montana".

Put the stripper down, lick your wounds, and get back to work. 

Choke those feelings down and stay focused on bein' bad ass at your job. Make Zahir proud to have a dad who is breaking necks and killing egos.

That is what real fathers do.

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