The heart wants what it wants. Despite their estranged relationship, Chris confirms...

May 01, 2016 2:00 PM

Matt Stacey

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The heart wants what it wants. Despite their estranged relationship, Chris confirms...

The Hot 97 Morning Show with Ebro recently had Chris Brown on his show where Breezy talked about a great many things, from his music to his maturity.

And it was an interesting glimpse into the mind of a guy who has done a lot of growing both personally and professionally.

One of the topics was Brown’s love life, which has been making the headlines lately… but rumor has it that there is one ex he regrets losing the most.

Which is RiRi… of course.

Fans will always remember their seemingly perfect relationship took a dark turn when he brutally attacked her back in 2009, (those pictures are haunting), and it seems the two have reunited a couple of times since then, even reportedly while Brown was dating his recent ex, Karrueche Tran.

They are like the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson of the hip-hop world. But without the sex tape. Well, the sex tape we don’t know about.

But his mistakes and losing Rihanna have Breezy contemplating regret to the point where apparently, he was telling his friend Justin Bieber about it.  Or as one insider told Hollywood Life Wednesday:

“Chris knows he lost the love of his life with Rihanna and he doesn’t want that to happen to Justin.”

Although Bieber has also been linked to women like Hailey Baldwin lately, Brown said that Bieber should try to fix things with his on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez, before it’s too late.

“Chris told Justin that the universe doesn’t make women like Selena and Rihanna often. He told Justin he’d better latch onto this woman and hold her down, otherwise, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life, just like Chris regrets losing RiRi.”

And while millions of teenage girls hold their breaths for Justin and Selena (known as “Jelena” to their fans), the adults following Breezy’s music are just glad Brown has grown past his violent temperamental ways.

As he told Ebro, he has apologized enough and it’s time to put the incident behind him. Especially since he and Rihanna have.

Being the no-holds-barred interviewer Ebro is known to be, he agreed with Brown and after a round of tough questions ultimately praised Brown for being able to learn, grow, and continue to make great music.

It’s worth mentioning Breezy has been writing a lot of good lyrics lately, not only for himself but for other performers as well.

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