This is HORRIBLE news for Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. We hope he can figure things out before it's too late.

March 15, 2016 1:00 PM

Matt Stacey

Weekend Contributor

Written by Matt Stacey:

This is HORRIBLE news for Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. We hope he can figure things out before it's too late.


Last year, Chad Johnson (aka: Ochocinco) was sued by the Long Lake Ranches West Homeowners Association in Broward County, Florida Court. They accused the former NFL star of owing them over $3,500 in fees and costs related to his home. 

Chad responded with a few snarky tweets (and what have we been saying about 'emotional tweeting', kids?) along the lines of paying the fine at the last possible moment and paying it in pennies.

The Homeowners Association didn't think that was very funny. So they demanded the court allow them to foreclose on 'Casa de Ochocinco' and sell it off to get the money owed from the sale off the home. 

At the court hearing, the Florida judge presiding over the suit then apparently asked Mr. Johnson how he'd like to respond.


Hear that?  It's the sound of the former NFL star not showing up in court to contest the ruling.

So the judge granted the motion for default judgement and closed the case. 

BOOM. Done. The Homeowners Association will now evict Johnson out of his home, then sell Johnson's mansion at public auction to the highest bidder! Which means, Chad is going to be kicked out of his home and onto the streets next month.

Okay. Let's review 'Life Rule #67: When You Purchase A Residence, Do-NOT-F***-With Your Homeowners Association'.

And what exactly is a Homeowners Association, you may be asking? 

Imagine the squarest group of 'dial tones' ever assembled to preside over what is or is not acceptable to polite society. Now take away their morning coffee. Now give them all 'the shocker' (yep, even the guys...). Are all of them goose stepping and screaming, "Sieg Heil!? Okay, that is a Homeowners Association.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Johnson, we ARE in Florida. 

Which brings us to 'Life Rule #104: Be Careful About Living In Florida'. 

Seriously. That state lost its sense of humor after all the 'Cocaine Cowboy' wars of the 1980's. And they've been over compensating for all that malarkey ever since. I'm not kidding. If you look even remotely Columbian or Cuban and you spit on the sidewalk, you better be looking over your shoulder for the po-po.

The bottom line is this, pick your fights, Ochocinco. There are certain institutions you just can't go around sticking your thumb into. A Florida court is one of them. 

A Homeowners Association is definitely another.
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