Celebrity Sip Masters - The Growing Club of Stars With Drink Labels

October 11, 2016 12:23 PM

Kim Lee Baker

Lifestyle Writer

Celebrity Sip Masters - The Growing Club of Stars With Drink Labels

The famous endorsing wines and liquors have become the new normal. Expanding on this, many are going beyond simply recommending, by collaborating on everything from packaging, to taste, to production. Plus, the new, NEW normal? These influencers are stacking their portfolios with joint ownerships. If you blink, you just might miss a bottle, or two.

Gabrielle Union and Vanilla Puddin
Everyone’s favorite, ageless, ace teamed up with JaM Cellars back in 2014. Their partnership resulted in a Chardonnay, with many taste notes, including … vanilla.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Ciroc + DeLeón
One of the most noted in the celebrity drink arena, The King of The Remix has an equal share partnership with the folks at Ciroc. This started in 2007, when he joined the group as a brand ambassador. Another stone on his crown is DeLeón Tequila. Diddy owns 50% of the brand, along with his Ciroc partners Diageo.

Curtis ‘50Cent’ Jackson and Effen
The Queens native has brought a bit of controversy to the mix. Taking shots at Diddy and Ciroc, plus a public scolding from the folks at Effen (Effen means ‘smooth’ in Dutch), seems to prove there’s no such thing as bad press. Alas, the partnership continues, with 50 being a brand ambassador and minority shareholder.

Earl ‘E40’ Stevens' Earls Stevens Selections and Sluricane
E40’s line of 3 wines, include the popular Mangoscato—moscato with mango, citrus and apple flavors. Recently, too, E’s Sluricane cocktail is all over the Twittersphere, many are super fans. Who knew!

Onika ‘Nicki Minaj’ Maraj and Myx
Again, moscato blends have become incredibly popular. Here comes Nicki Minaj, with Myx. The packing has a ‘80s wine cooler feel. With flavors like peach, coconut and sangria, it’s certainly appealing. Myx is even available at New York’s Penn Station, so that commute can be a little more interesting.

Sean Jay Z Carter and D’Ussé + Armand de Brignac
Jay leaves no business venture untouched. What began with his partnership at D’Ussé cognac, now includes the bubbly. The bottles alone are enough to entice us to sip Armand de Brignac. Brut, Rosè and and Blanc … so exclusive!


Cheers and as always, drink responsibly

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