7 Black Actresses Who Look Half Their Age

September 23, 2016 10:39 AM

Alicea James

Lifestyle Writer


You know the saying “black don’t crack?” Well it’s not just some something that African Americans say to feel good about themselves, (although it’s certainly a self-esteem booster). But there is proof that African American women age more gracefully than other ethnicities. Don’t believe me? Well look and see for yourself!

1.       Gabrielle Union-43

This gorgeous woman first got our attention in Bring it On, and since then she’s appeared in a host of other movies to include Think Like a Man and her hit TV show, Being Mary Jane. However it is her ageless beauty that really has us in awe, let’s be honest, this 43 year old wife and stepmom, looks younger than many Hollywood actresses in their twenties.

2.      Sanaa Lathan-45

Sanaa Lathan is another black Hollywood actress who seems to have found the fountain of youth.  Known for her roles in some classic black movies to include Love and Basketball, and Brown Sugar, Sanaa has become a well-respected actress in the industry. Her name in Swahili means “work of art,” a perfect definition for this striking beauty who we constantly forget is actually in her mid-forties.

3.     Regina Hall-46

Regina has put many smiles on our faces thanks to her hilarious roles in some of Hollywood’s funniest comedies. However, she is not only known for her talents but also for her youthful good looks — even though she is actually 46 years old you would never guess by looking at her.

4.       STACY DASH - 49

While we certainly can’t agree with her on stance on many (or any) political issues, at least we can still agree that the years have been good to Stacy Dash. The stunning actress graced our screens for many years as the outspoken teenager in ‘Clueless,’ and today this 49 year old is a cultural analysis and commentator on Fox news.

5.      Halle Berry-50

This unforgettable beauty actually started her career in modelling and pageants —snagging the 1st runner up title in the Miss USA pageant in 1986. Today, this mother of two has aged gracefully (to say the least). With her petite figure, and breath-taking smile no one would ever guess that she is actually 50; yes I said 50!


6.      Janet Jackson-50


This multi-talented singer, dancer and actress is currently pregnant at age 50 with her first child. We first fell in love with this baby-faced Hollywood starlet when she made her acting debut as Penny Gordon on Good Times. Since then her career has skyrocketed selling millions of records worldwide and snagging notable movie roles in Hollywood blockbusters. Despite her age, her infectious smile and unfading beauty proves without a doubt that 50 is the new 20.

Angela Bassett- 56

Clearly Angela Bassett is the real definition of “Black don’t crack,” after all, who really epitomizes this concept more? This uber talented actress gives credit to her happy marriage and successful career for her ageless beauty, but I think good genes from her African ancestry plays a major role in her youthful appearance.  Angela is often questioned about how she stays so young, and shares that a dedicated skincare routine and a consistent exercise regimen also helps.


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