Nikki Nicole Calls Out ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Co-Star Charmaine With Reads & Receipts

June 13, 2018 8:48 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

The ex-9 Mag Tattoo team (and their associates) appear to be firmly split. Lots to unload…

On one side of the Black Ink Crew Chicago kerfuffle, you have Ryan and Rachel, along with Phor and his girl Nikki. And on the other, well, there is Charmaine, Danielle, Lily and Van.

The rift has roots in Ryan removing 9 Mag from its original Black Ink Crew Chicago location, leaving behind Van, Charmaine, Lily and the others. Ryan is also being accused of vandalizing the location as he moved out, damaging Van’s tattoo booth.

(He recently retweeted a funny quip about this actually; "👀😩😂RT @Letsfollow_Izzy: I'm not saying reality TV is fake, but ain't no way Ryan moved all that stuff out without people knowing. Y'all be there everyday doing everything but working lmao someone saw something #BlackInkCrewChi".)

See it below: 

So, did he really pull such a move? Well, the drama is tearing friendships apart either way. Even Charmaine and Nikki’s!

On Instagram, “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Nikki flaunted her feeling about Charmaine at the moment.

During the season, Phor and his girlfriend Nikki appear to stick together. But what about Phor’s relationship with Van and the rest of the old 9 Mag team?

Post-premiere, Nikki shared a message to Charmaine, attempting to remind her who put her in the position she is in right now. Eek. She also feels that the anti-Ryan bunch is being too sensitive.

What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yikes. The show is sure bringing the nonsense this year, no? So much drama.

Back in February, Charmaine and Sky were bickering. The Valentine's Day special ("Dirty Love Special") touched upon Sky's off-and-on relationship with Teddy; host Charmaine took a jab by quipping, "The only thing worse than Sky’s taste in weave is her taste in men."

The cast-mates were also asked who they would marry, smash and kill. Charmaine responded, explaining, “I would kill Sky because she be hating on me and that [expletive] ain’t cute."

Sky soon caught wind of Charmaine's comments and jumped onto Instagram Live, saying, "[Expletive] that hating [expletive] [expletive]."

"[Expletive] you only did this show because I wasn’t available because I was spending time with Dessalines, my son you [expletive] number two [expletive] [expletive]." 


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