Beyoncé Reportedly Wants More Children And Still Having Issues With Kim Kardashian-West

February 12, 2018 6:30 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Bey’s reported refusal to befriend Kim Kardashian-West brings us way more glee than we’d like to admit. Pettily. 

(If only because Kim’s reported reactions to this perceived slight are so ridiculous. Oddly-timed wedding vow renewals. More babies. Kopykatting, remember?)

Because how dare Beyoncé supposedly not appreciate the presents that Kim sent her?

Anyway, even though Bey seems to have had twins like five minutes ago—okay, it’s been longer than that, but doesn’t it seem like those floral maternity photos just happened?—it seems that she has baby fever once again. 

Ohhhhhh, is another sibling for Blue Ivy Carter in the cards? We hope so!

A new report claims that Beyoncé is planning to have another child before she hits the big 4-0.

An insider told Hollywood Life: “Beyoncé is getting baby fever again, but the Beehive should not get excited for any pending announcements because it is imperative for her to make up the Coachella dates this year that she was not able to do last year.”

“She is planning a new secret album to be released right around the time of those shows. Which of course would lead into a world tour. So as much as she would love to be pregnant again, she is going to wait, but she is interested in having another little one before she is 40!”
 Another disher revealed some not so shocking tidbits.
“Beyoncé has never gelled with Kim, she just doesn’t respect her, or like her, she never has, even before Kim got with Kanye. Beyoncé cannot stand the whole reality TV thing, and she thinks Kim would do anything for the cameras, she just feels they are two different people with nothing in common. Beyoncé is always polite to Kim when she sees her, but you can tell it is forced and that there’s no warmth or genuineness in her interactions.”

Long ago, a source explained, "Bey’s still irate that Kim hinted online she was trying for a baby the same day she announced she was pregnant with her twins. It’s why she chose to ignore Kim’s huge bouquet of flowers and chocolates she sent — and to Kim that’s just plain rude.”

"The fact North hasn’t been invited to one play date with Blue Ivy also infuriates her. Too bad Bey has zero desire to make nice with Kim, let alone socialize the kids together. She seems to think of her as trash and Kanye a creepy liability.”

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