Best Unreleased Beyonce Tracks

October 03, 2016 12:04 PM

Carol Scott

Lifestyle/Freelance Writer

It’s no surprise that somebody as prolific and hard-working as Beyoncé has numerous tracks that end up not being included on her albums. While many of these tracks remain hidden – such as an entire album inspired by the works of Fela Kuti – some slip through the cracks and end up leaking onto the internet. Below are ten of our favorite Beyoncé songs that never saw an official release.

“Black Culture” 
Originally intended for I Am…Sasha Fierce, this fiery dance track extensively samples Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. While a fun funk track, it is easy to see why its dated production led to it being left off of the album.

Another I Am…Sasha Fierce track, this song was produced by Stargate, best known for producing some of Rihanna’s biggest singles. A synth-heavy track that serves as the older, club-going sister song to album track “Radio”, the choreography for this would have been insane if the track wasn’t left off the album.

“I’m Glad There is You"
While it’s unknown which album this was meant for, this track bears the most resemblance musically to Dangerously in Love. The song is a jazz standard originally published in 1941and covered by numerous other artists over the decades.


"You are my rock” 
Perhaps one of Bey’s best love ballads, this track is a clear shout-out to then-new hubby Jay-Z and his entertainment company Roc Nation. Recorded shortly after their private wedding for I Am…Sasha Fierce, it’s possible that Bey didn’t want to release such an open declaration of love at the time.  

“I’m Alone Now” 
In the vein of “Survivor”, Beyoncé declares all that she can do now that a bad relationship is over. While it may be redundant to have such similar songs, this track has awesome production and excellent vocals from Bey. 


“Forever to Bleed” 
Originally titled “Inevitably”, this track leaked months prior to the release of I Am…Sasha Fierce, ultimately leading to it being left off the track list for the album. However, the track has become one of the most popular unreleased tracks in Bey’s catalog due to the song’s lyricism, the synth-laden production, and Bey’s unique layered vocal performance.


“Stop Sign” 
As one of the most celebrated vocalists in the world, one would think Bey would be performing more acoustic tracks. Recorded for I Am…Sasha Fierce, this track is an excellent display of Bey’s emotive singing. 

“Blind Trust” 
Before “If I Were a Boy” reflected on men who spend all night with their boys and neglect their girlfriends, Bey released this downtempo number about trusting your partner while they’re out all night “like it’s 1996”. While not a strong song lyrically, Bey is on fire vocally on this B’Day leftover.

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