WATCH: Amber Rose Shows Off Her Bare Bump And Reveals Her Difficult Pregnancy

May 28, 2019 8:43 PM
We're sending our prayers after hearing how rough Amber Rose's current pregnancy is going.

The 35-year-old, who already shares a 6-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, with rapper Wiz Khalifa, decided to give a pregnancy update.

Already in her second trimester, the model/actress shared that she’s battling a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum — which is persistent vomiting leading to dehydration, the inability to keep food down, severe nausea, weight loss, and possible electrolyte disturbances.

The symptoms don’t normally subside until the very end of the pregnancy. Rose shared that her condition leaves her more tired and constantly nauseous. 

“I said I was gonna document this pregnancy a little bit more than I did with Sebastian. ‘Cause with Sebastian I had hyperemisis, and I have hyperemisis, again, with this baby. And for people who don’t know what it is – it’s basically extreme nausea, vomiting, and dehydration, and really really tired. I can eat a little bit more now, ’cause I’m in my second trimester, but not much. And I pretty much sleep all day…And I try to be, like cute and get my hair done, and then I just slept in it and messed it up! But all in all, babies are a blessing!”

Amber followed up that she wished she could show off this pregnancy more:

“God bless women, man. We are resilient! We get through it. It’s really really hard being pregnant, i’m not gonna lie. To all the women out there that just pop out babies like it’s nothin’ – God bless you guys, ’cause oh my God. It is just a lot. Like, I wanna be out! I wanna be cute! I wanna, like, show off my belly- I just can’t get off this couch! Like, I’m tired and just wanna barf all day! Like it’s just not fun, but it’s totally worth it. Totally totally worth it.”

@ae4president and I are SUPER excited to announce that we have a Sweet little Baby Boy on the way! P.S Sebastian is soooooo Happy to be a big brother! 🤰🏼🤮☺️👶🏽🙏🏽❤️🥰
As she closed out, Amber sent props to the father of her second child, Alexander “A.E.” Edwards:

“And while I’m documenting, I’ll give a shout out to my baby daddy AE! I love you, honey. And I’ll show you guys my belly, too. It probably got bigger since the last time I showed you. Excuse all the lint! I told y’all I just been on this couch! Just resting, you know? Yeah, shout out to AE. He’s so amazing. He takes care of me so well, he’s just amazing. He’s awesome. Like, he’s such a good guy. He went out with his friends today, and I’m like, ‘Please go out, honey. You do so much for me. Like, go out and have a good time with your boys.’ But I’m truly blessed, and I love you guys. So I will come back and give you an update soon!”

Sweethearts 🥰 📸 by @kristinajmedia 

Watch Amber’s pregnancy update below:

#AmberRose in having a challenging #pregnancy and has #hyperemisis (severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, etc) + she also shouts of her child's father AE ❤
One fan responded with: “Prayers to her! May she have a blessed pregnancy 🙏🏽🙏🏽”

A second person commented:  “This was the exact same thing I went through. I’m thankful for my blessing…but this why my son will be 12 soon & he’s still my one & only! Lol”

Another commenter added: “This was the exact same thing I went through. I’m thankful for my blessing…but this why my son will be 12 soon & he’s still my one & only! Lol”

This 4th person revealed they have the same condition: “I have that same condition during pregnancy as well. It’s called hyperemesis gravidarum and you feel like you wanna just die at times. It’s so extreme.”

Someone also shared:  “I had that with my pregnancy. Was sick until the day she came out. Rest Amber 🤗”

Amber’s health hasn’t been her only struggle as she recently blasted fake friends who disappeared after she got pregnant. 

#AmberRose has a message for them fair-weather friends 👀👀

We pray that Amber Rose is able to weather the storm and deliver her second child safely. 

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