Alexis Skyy Responds To Allegations Of Neglecting Newborn Baby & People Continuing To Criticize Her Parenting Skills

May 16, 2018 7:39 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Alexis Skyy’s first official Mother’s Day celebration doesn’t sound so lovely. Aw!

The good news is that her baby girl seems to finally be home.

However, some are still peeved that she is booking out-of-town gigs, rather than staying put with her little one. (Bills need to be paid though, right? We don’t know, that is kind of her take, historically.)


All the criticism seems to be getting to her though, judging by recent posts on her Instagram Story.

She First Posted:  “Since all people wanna do is clout chase off my name..lie talk about me all about how ima [sic] bad mom..y’all really want me dead and gone so maybe that needs to happen.”

Then "Why am I still here?" 

Followed by "Leave me alone everyone"

See the Posts below and scroll left: 

Looks like #AlexisSky is getting some things off her chest, send her some encouragement #Roommates! 👏🏽

Do you think Alexis should take a step back from social media? It sounds like she is having a tough time, honestly. 

She has stepped up to defend herself against insults and allegations quite a few times since she gave birth earlier this year, including when Alayia was still in the hospital in NICU.

"My priorities have changed. She’s changed me in so many different ways, but I don’t have to allow y’all to see that. And that’s just what it is. I know I’m a good [expletive] mom." 

"I haven’t even experienced being a mom yet because I don’t have her with me, but I make sure I see my daughter every day. If I go out of town, I make sure I see her before I leave. My mom works at the hospital…you guys forget that she works there. But then I go back and see her."

Watch her full explanation below:

#PressPlay: #AlexisSkyy is unbothered by anyone who's hating on her doing appearances at the strip club 👀 (View yesterday's post)

Also, it is perhaps worth mentioning that Fetty doesn’t seem to receive the same amount or level of nastiness about his parenting style and choices, though he presumably travels and works more than Alexis.

Oh and we can’t help but wonder whether the never-ending bickering with fellow Love & Hip Hop Hollywood castmaste Masika is wearing her down too?

In case you missed it recently, the drama when to a new level not too long ago when Masika Kalysha, who also has a daughter with Fetty Wap, accused Alexis of spending more time in the clubs than in the hospital next to Baby Alaiya. 

Let’s not also forget that Masika implied that Alexis Skyy might have a bit of a drug problem as well. 


Do you think Alexis should take a break from social media given her recent post?

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