See Who Earns What As Salaries from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Leak Online!

February 22, 2019 7:09 AM
Ever wondered how much the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta makes?


Apparently drudging up drama on-camera can be a smart move for your wallet. 

According to InTouchWeekly, before she made her extra dramatic exit, Mona Scott Young’s production team was giving Joseline Hernandez $400,000 per season.

Next up? Kirk Frost.

The outlet alleges that Kirk Frost makes $300K per season, while his wife Rasheeda makes $25,000 an episode.

Well, at least they are profiting from all the nonsense, fake or not.

Tommie Lee allegedly makes $17,000 per episode ($204,000 a season), because she’s upgraded to being a main character this season.

O.G. Karlie Redd allegedly makes $50,000 per season…which seems kind of low? Right?

MiMi Faust allegedly makes $100,000 per season. 

And Stevie J?

No clue. But it is probably safe to assume it is a bit more than his baby mama.

But are they actually getting their checks?
Long ago, now-former cast mate Joseline popped onto Instagram Live to accuse Mona and VH1 of owing her $150,000. ( and other stuff)

“Ya owe me money. Ya didn’t even obey by the contract. You owe me $150,000 and counting.”

Why exactly? There was once a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline's Special Delivery episode, which centered on Joseline getting ready for the birth of her daughter, Bonnie Bella; the special was executively produced by Mona Scott-Young but Joseline was listed as a co-executive producer.
Anyway, maybe Stevie J can use some of his presumably hefty paycheck to deal with his child support case? Actually, that is exactly what he is supposedly doing. So, let’s press on.


His lawyer, Xavier Donaldson, recently explained to a judge that his client had received a $100,000 advance on his reality show checks, in order to pay down his $1.3 million debt, also claiming his client tested negative for illegal drugs and has kept out of trouble.

"That’s a huge step. Everything that he’s required to do, in my opinion, he’s doing."

He has also argued that putting Stevie behind bars would prevent him from earning income to make the child support payments.

"The only way he can make money is if he’s out doing shoots," Donaldson claimed. "If we put him in jail, there’s no conceivable way that could happen."


Stevie is the father to six children. He has a son named Dorian with Rhonda Henderson, daughter Sade with Felicia Stover, son Steven Jordan Jr and daughter Savannah Jordan with Carol Antoinette Bennett, daughter Eva with Mimi Faust, and Bonnie Bella Jordan with Joseline Hernandez.

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